Where are my pants?? I mean SOCKS!!!!
Is the week over yet? Somehow it feels like
I am slipping backwards. Items seem to be piling up and I don’t seem to be
making any headway. The plus today is that I am starting to feel ‘almost’
normal again. I had my knee and ankle lubed up with @Muscle_Care with the hopes
that I would be mobile this morning. Well, I almost made it. The knee felt
better, but the ankle was still tight. It might be time for a visit to Dr. Spin
for an adjustment and then a massage. I did drag myself out of bed to get
coffee and took the scenic route to pick it up. All in all, 1KM to go 1 and a
half blocks.
400m Row
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Squats
10 Beat Swings
MAT Activations
Where is everybody??? I was going to be
working alone tonight in Coach D’s (@DefconRX) class, but he let
@SavannahJessie play (even though she ditched his class last night). It was
awesome because we had lots of 1-on-1 work which was pretty sweet. We started
out with 12 minutes to find a 1RM in the Power Clean, 2 Squat Clean and 3 Jerk
complex. It was REALLY hot today and I was still having trouble recovering, but
I did manage to hit 150lbs.  The Power
Cleans felt really good (nice bounce off the thighs), but the Squat Cleans were
causing some discomfort. NEWS FLASH: The Split Jerks Tonight Felt SOLID! Sweet!
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
12 Pull-ups
How long should the CAP be tonight? Long
enough to finish. Hello Hell-en (as Coach D pronounced it). I just realized the
last time we did Helen, it was a Pizza Helen (barf). After every round, scarf a
piece of pizza. Prior to that I completed it in 12m36s using the Blue Band for
the Pull-ups. Tonight’s work was RX and I finished in 13m39s. WOOHOO!!!
Congrats to @SavannahJessie who got to finish her first ‘Lady’ tonight!
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have done the GHD
homework last night. JoJo, did you get yours done this week? I sucked it up and
did them anyways. I hear some folks chirp that the Cash-out is too hard or that
they don’t have enough time, but it’s all part of Tavia’s programming so it
needs to be done. It takes 5 minutes, get it done.
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Shoulder Mobility (Rings)
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Time to crash and rest up (Friday’s an off
day) for an early Saturday throw down with @SarahBassels (hurry up and get back
to the regular schedule) and a couple of the Coaches.


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