It’s Getting CRAZY

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I can tell
you that there is 1 sleep left until the 2014 CrossFit Open starts and everyone
is getting excited. The first exercise is being speculated on, but we are all
in the dark until tomorrow night at 8pm. To go with this excitement, there is
also my renewed work ethic and the knowledge that any slack Jillian has been
cutting me is over. No more mucking about, diet, intensity and hard work are
picking up and my free pass has been cancelled (along with my cruise, but I’m
not bitter or anything).
Today was the first hard ‘double’ I’ve done in a long
time.  35 minutes on the treadmill,
working on a nice easy tempo run (at 5.1MPH). That works out to 7m24s/KM and a
total of 591 calories burned before 7am. I was really happy with today’s
outcome because it was a continuous run of over 25 minutes. My cadence was
right on line with yesterday’s intervals clocking in at 146 SPM. I even got
some more stretching in thanks to the insistence of my gym partner.
500m Row
20 PVC Shoulder Press
20 PVC Good Mornings
Pectoralis Major Activation
My hips and legs were a bit stiff during warm-up and I am
feeling another ‘tweak’ in my left shoulder (I can’t even begin to write down
the curse words I was muttering during the WOD). Tavia was coaching today and
the work was designed to give us a taste of some potential Open workout
combinations in @CrossFitCanuck style. We had lots of time to warm up the
movements. I was working on getting Pull-ups going and heard the dread CrossFit
swear words ‘No Rep’. I’m having issues coming from the dead hang to the bar.
6 minute AMRAP
8 Deadlifts (@225lbs)
8 Pull-ups
Rest 4 minutes
4 Rounds for Time
6 Squat Cleans (@95lbs)
6 Knees to Elbows
At the 20 minute mark
5 Rounds for Time
4 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (@100lbs)
4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Blue Band)
What a straight up dumpster fire. I started the first
section working at RX, but after the first round my shoulder was aching and I couldn’t
keep going. I ended up moving to Ring Rows instead of Pull-ups. Completed 2 Rounds
plus 4 Ring Rows. Second section wasn’t any better as I started @155lbs and had
to drop down to @95lbs because of soreness. Of course this starts right before I
need to be 100%. Garbage. Still finished in 6m06s. Third section was a bit
better except for the Chest to Bar because of the band. Completed in 6m07s. All
I can do is try and rest it for the next little bit (WOD tomorrow, but super
light) and go all-out Saturday.
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Hip Stretches
Groin Stretch
Baz’s Pretzel Stretch
Back Stretch
Lacrosse Ball Smashes (Quad, IT Band and Calf)
I’m really looking forward to a busy weekend including my
Niece’s 1st birthday party, the Open WOD and the Bike Show. Let’s
hope I can still move on Sunday.

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