Force of Will

I told someone that a force of will is required if you are
going to make a change (well a significant one) in your life. Anyone can make a
small change, but if you are going to do something ‘Major’ odds are it will not
be pleasant. You have to push to make the changes stick. That requires a force
of will. It’s really easy to hit the snooze button and roll over. I’ll start
tomorrow. Guess what, tomorrow will never actually get here so you might as
well get up and get moving. That’s what I had to face this morning. I’m still
working hard, but not seeing the dramatic changes anymore (and yes, I know the
changes will be smaller). Time to rediscover my love, nope not the right word,
non-hatred of running.

Forced myself out of bed and got downstairs for some
treadmill work. It’s not the same as being outside, but we all know that I’m a
World-Class Klutz so let’s not go looking for trouble with icy sidewalks. Now I’ve
done a bit of slow running over the last couple of weeks, but if I’m going to
be ready for May, get that time in October and meet the goals I put on the board
then it’s time to increase the intensity…

Hello Intervals…

I clocked a 34m46s session covering 4.86KM with an average
pace of 7m09s/KM. Now that is right around the training pace I want to have for
the next couple of months. 3minutes of recovery walking at 4MPH and 2 minutes
of running at 7.1MPH with a 5 minute cool down on the end. The Garmin says I burned
542 calories and had an average cadence of 140SPM (strikes per minute). I don’t
know if Garmin changed how they are calculating strikes or if my feet are
getting faster, but anything over 100 is good for distance running. The
interesting part is that my splits (1 mile marks) got faster each time.

I even stretched when I was done



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