Gastroc & The Burpee Vortex

Sure sounds like a Sci-Fi novel doesn’t it? Well after a
brutal Friday afternoon, Mr. (Soon to be a Dad) @3DinTO headed to Jack Astor’s
for their newly posted sale on beer. Buy a stein of Steam Whistle and you keep
the stein. SOLD! You follow that up with chicken fingers and you end up with a
big fat 0 for nutrition in the WLC. Such is the price of dealing with life. On
the plus side though, the stein is the perfect receptacle for my morning 32oz
Green Smoothies, so it ends up being a positive. We didn’t get too wild or
crazy, but I was not feeling super sharp when I rolled out of bed this morning.
Today would be my first Saturday back @CrossFitCanuck in what seems like
forever and Coach Jillian had something wild and crazy on deck for us.
5x Rowling
400m Run (RX+ Weight Vest)
400m Run Backwards
400m Run
Harry Potter? No, not JK Rowling (I’m a huge fan), but a
game that Coach Z came up with involving the Row.  Your goal is to hit 100m on the nose each time
and however many meters you miss by, you get that number of Burpees. If you hit
100 on round 5, you get a bonus round. Hit 100 again and you can wipe out a set
of Burpees. I was skeptical, but once I got going it was a lot of fun and I finished
at 11 (2,-4,0,3,2). No w for some reason my left Gastroc (thank to my RMT
peeps and @missade3 for telling me what my calf is properly called) was very
tight. Woke up it was tight and I couldn’t seem to loosen it up. @SarahBassels
was taking on Griff so I went with her for moral support. Not 100% sure it was
the best idea, but it felt good while running.
Comp WOD Open Event 1
“Thrusters and Thrusters”
11 minute AMRAP
7 Thrusters (@80lbs)
7 Thrusters (@100lbs)
**Ascending Ladder of Burpees EMOM
Holy ugly Burpees #1030Crew. @girmantitov has renamed this
WOD the Burpee Vortex and rightly so.There comes a point when it’s Burpees all
day long. I managed to finish 2 full rounds plus 7 of the light Thrusters by
the time the clock read 0’s. Nasty, but thanks @SarahBassels for cheering us
all on to keep us moving. If you had walked into the box as the WOD ended, all
you would have seen was 4 piles of jelly twitching on the floor. 
14 minute EMOM
Even minutes 5 Deadlifts (@275lbs)
Odd minutes 5 Ab Rollouts with Deadlift weight 
Heavy, heavy, heavy. I tried to remain focused and keep my
chest up, but there were still a couple lifts where I could feel myself tilting
forward. To be honest, the Deadlift is the part of the WOD that got me excited
about getting to the box and I was very lucky to be working with @zlreyes,
@girmantitov and @missade3. It was hard with the tight leg, but I felt great,
especially when I saw the Cash-out was rest and mobility.
With a 9 mile run on the schedule tomorrow and this
tightness, I skipped the BWOD and went after the leg with the lacrosse ball and
‘The Stick’…  It feels better, but there
is still work to do before tomorrow. Before I leave though, Happy Birthday to
Sue Ann!
Word of the Day: TIGHTNESS

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