Unexpected Surprises!

Happy Monday (no, you are not in a nightmare and yes I know
it’s Tuesday). Coming off the race yesterday I had originally booked Monday
off, but due to unforeseen Soccer injuries I drove in from Casa de @Keilshammer
early and started what would be a regular work week. That was until I remembered
that we were doing 1 Rep Max Back Squats as we had completed Smolov Jr. Roh,
Roh Shaggy (say it in Scooby’s voice). I felt pretty good, but the race did
stress my lower body and any dreams of getting close to 375lbs were safely out
of the picture. I wanted my reps to be GREAT reps with good form (but I also
wanted to keep the PR bus moving). The early classes had been going PR crazy
and I wanted to keep it moving.

As I rolled into @CrossFitCanuck I noticed @SarahBassels
warming up.  What’s odd about that? Well
she was on the PR board for one of the early sessions and it was odd, no
intense that she would be back at the rig. HOLD UP! That’s not @SarahBassels…




400m Run
5 minute Ladder of
Wallballs (@10lbs)

I may have ‘Dry Heaved’ a bit seeing run again so soon, but
@CADPRO00 kept me moving and we got into the ladder. I tried to focus on the
Wallballs because by this point my hips were not feeling like playing along.
They were stiff (but not sore) and my legs were exhauseted.  Never mind 375lbs, it looked like 350lbs
would even be a stretch. Before all the Back Squat fun though, we warmed up
with a 5 minute EMOM of Front Squats.  I’m
still nursing this shoulder/bicep/deltoid injury so it was back to the Rack for
me, but surprisingly I got some really good depth working @95lbs.

30 minutes to find 1RM
Back Squat

I was working with @Keilshammer and we worked our way
quickly up to our individual 90% Squats. The first few rounds seemed to go
really well, but as the weight climbed my chest started to drop as I fought to
get more depth. I didn’t get as deep as I wanted and eagle eyed Coach Baz made
sure that I focused on keeping the proper form. 
When it was all said and done, I got almost too parallel and I was
Squatting a new PR @345lbs. There is still lots of work to do, but it is still
a huge improvement over where I started. Congrats to @Keilshammer who also hit
a PR 1 day after racing Gravenhurst.

2 Deep Assisited Squats (Thanks @SarahBassels)
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout

The B-WOD wasn’t extensive today, but it felt good to work
on getting depth in the Squat.  Sometime
soon I will break that next barrier and get below 90 degrees. The Rollout was
much needed, but I needed home, food and bed more.


**There was an actual optional WOD, but I don’t think anyone got to it. I counted the Cash-out as optional too because I was spent.  Congrats to all the Canucks who hit BIG PR’s tonight!

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