The Guns Are Tired…

Happy Birthday Robin! Robin was the person responsible for
the epic photo of my biceps that generated a lot of buzz (Thanks Robin) and she
is also responsible for said ‘Guns’ being unable to rise above shoulder height.
I said a long time ago that birthday WODs were going to be the end of me and
tonight Robin’s choice of ‘Angie’ almost was. It was hot, I was tired from the
Epic Move yesterday and looking at what made up the WOD (plus the new Back
Squat protocol we’re starting) almost had me in tears.

Warm-up ‘A’
30 DUs
3 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


1x100m Sprint

Warm-up ‘B’
See Previous + 1 Blow to the Head (Trying to get under
Jillian’s PVC height marker)
Today we’re starting the Hatch Back Squat program. Eek! That’s
right, we’ve had a deload week after Smolov and now we’re hitting the rack to
raise our numbers. I was a bit concerned after the squatting that was done to
lift heavy items yesterday and the recovery that was still in progress from
Sunday.  Add to that some lingering
concern about my wing and the 100 Pull-ups (plus the 15 in the Warm-up) and I was
feeling a little less than confident. But you can’t make an omelet without
breaking some eggs.
Hatch, Week 1, Day 1
Back Squat (Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes)
1×10 @225lbs
1×8 @240lbs
1×6 @260lbs
1×4 @275lbs
Rest 1 minute


Every 90 seconds

Front Squat
1×5 @95lbs
3×5 @105lbs

I worked really hard to get low, but in a weird twist I was
able to get lower (I think) in the Front Squat then the Back Squat. It wouldn’t
have been by much, but I felt my hips open and I felt that I got low. Now I wasn’t
working at a heavy weight, but that will come as long as I get the form right.

100 Pull-ups (Blue Band)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

I started out trying to do the WOD with the Green Band
(which I used during the Warm-up), but I knew that my shoulder wouldn’t be able
to withstand the exertion. Unlike Murph, we couldn’t break up the activities,
we take them as they come. The Pull-ups were tough, but the Push-ups were the
showstopper in this WOD. I felt like my arms were going to fall off around the
73 mark. Big ‘Thanks’ to @SarahBassels, @zlreyes and @matthew_5577 for helping
me get focused on the next rep and to keep going.  There was a point during the squats when I was
sure that I would bottom out and my hips would just explode out the sides. Finished
in 25m05s. Curled into a little ball of pain for the remaining time.

There was no B-WOD tonight, rest…


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