Too Much

I can say I saw T. Henry!

Where have I been? Well I’ve only been gone for 4 days and
it’s not like I have been standing still. Of course, I probably should have
been standing still because I may have over-taxed my body this weekend just a
wee bit. As a result, Apologies to Scott and Michelle who I had to miss dinner
with on Saturday evening. My body just would not do what I wanted it to. A day
out in the sun and a really tough WOD (without enough fuel I believe) and I crashed
hard around 8:00pm. Here’s a recap of what’s gone on (and don’t forget there
was a whole lot of activity this week and a great deal of time spent outside in
the heat).

Friday evening after work I attended a bit of a get together
and the hostess cooked enough food for a party of 100. Needless to say we were
all well fed and maybe I indulged a bit on the liquid refreshments because I was
not feeling great Saturday morning. The tough days are the days you have to
find the WILL to go, regardless of how bad something hurts or how nasty you
feel. At the very least you can make it in and work on some mobility and cheer
on your fellow Canucks. In hindsight, the protein shake for breakfast was not
enough to fuel what was coming.

Warm-up ‘A’
3 Rounds of
10 Front Squats
10 Back Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
50m Sprint
10 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
10 Duck Hops

Now it wasn’t super-hot anymore, but the fuel tank to this
chocolate love machine was running on ‘E’. We were working on another day of
Hatch so Squatting was the order of the day. Thanks to @matth_5577 for helping
me get through these sets because my hips and legs wanted NO part of them.

Hatch (Lift every 2 minutes)
10 Back Squats (@205lbs)
8 Back Squats (@225lbs)
8 Back Squats (@240lbs)
8 Back Squats (@260lbs)


Every 90 seconds Front Squat
5 Front Squats (@95lbs)
5 Front Squats (@95lbs)
5 Front Squats (@95lbs)
5 Front Squats (@95lbs)

Now instead of increasing my Front Squat weights, I stuck
with 95lbs because of the issues I’m still having with this stupid arm. It is
getting better (VERY Slowly), but I don’t want to have a setback and have to
start over. 7 weeks has been long enough. 
Now today’s WOD was one that was done when I first joined
@CrossFitCanuck, but sadly I missed it (I went the day before) so this would be
my first go. Wow.

Lumberjack 20 (25 minute CAP, Chest to Bar Removed)
20 Deadlift (@275lbs)
400m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (@70lbs)
400m Run
20 OHS (@95lbs) – (Modified to Front Squats)
400m Run
20 Burpees
400m Run
Box Jumps (5x45lb Plates)
400m Run
Squat Cleans (@95lbs)
400m Run

What a disgusting pile of goodness that was. For the first
time in forever I had some serious problems with the Deadlift.  I had trouble with for and linking them
together and as a result I was in a big time deficit right out of the gate. I
was determined to work to the end so I had a timer running, gritted my teeth
and got down to business. 36m10s later and a solid effort and I was done. Big
ups to @missade3 and Riley for following the ‘Just Finish’ school of WOD. Love
that you guys stuck with it (and me) and got this bad boy done.

I hustled to meet the Doyls for a trip to BMO and TFC, but
somehow managed to forget my phone at the box. 
This was a HUGE issue as my internet was also down. For the first time
in 17 years, I was disconnected from the grid. GASP! It was most unpleasant. I
did manage to get where I needed to go for pickup and @CrossFitCanuck came
through for me and brought my phone to the game (THANK YOU!). Before you wonder
how they knew about my phone, I sent a Facebook 911 via a borrowed device. Too
much sun and some very questionable food choices and my body waved the white
Thanks @Nipshank_FF
Sunday involved an early trip to visit Mama C, Susan, Naveen
and the cutest niece EVER, but there was no rest for the weary. A large to-do
list awaited and I was happy to be able to help. Monday saw me head down to the
Roger Center to watch the Jays get their a$$es handed to them by the Dodgers
with @ChrisMoncayo.


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