Double Shot

It certainly was a party in the box tonight for Suzana’s
birthday and for Friday’s Olympic Total. There were people everywhere throwing
around some really big weights. Now I wasn’t scheduled to come in, mostly
because Friday is a rest day for me if I’m in Saturday.  As the day went on though, I knew that I was
going to go in, if only to do some homework. Thank goodness I threw my CrossFit
bag into the car just in case. Tonight would just be me, my iPod and some of
the eight million things I have to do.

2400m Run
5 Deep Squats (Rig)
15 Back Squats (Pause at the Bottom, @95lbs)
Shoulder Stretches (Band)
Shoulder Stretches (Rings)
3×20 GHD Back Extensions (@10lbs)
1200m Run
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout
Quad Rollout
Calf Rollout
Did you notice? I Ran. And Ran. WOD’ed. And then RAN some
more. Absolute craziness. I felt really good when I got out there and the pace
wasn’t all out.  I picked a pace and held
that for all the laps that I did (no walking at all). It was nice to focus on
shoulders and hips today, especially the Back Squats. It’s been a big Back
Squat week and working with @DefconRX’s tip about hanging out at the bottom, I felt
I got really deep. Just have to get those hips moving and then I can focus on
elbows up.

Congrats to all the Canucks who were working the Olympic
Total tonight.  There were some big
weights getting tossed around (and maybe a banana joke or two). I was kind of
envious of those able to bounce out of the hole, geez I’m still trying to get
to parallel. Tomorrow is a new day (and hopefully no running) and I will be
@CrossFitCanuck bright and early.


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