Just Don’t Ask Me To Do Math

How’s 2020 going so far? Are you staying true to achieving your goals? With National Quitters Day quickly approaching, how can I help you succeed? I know you are missing the #BigBrzChallenge, but don’t worry it will be back starting in February. There will be a recipe for you to try in a week and I am available for anyone needing a little extra push (add a comment or DM me), but I can only help you so much. As long as you aren’t asking me to load your barbell… Tried to warm up at 95lbs and couldn’t figure out why it was so heavy. At the end of the day though, you are the one who has to do the work. 

My Weekly Hustle (Last Week)

  • Monday – Treadmill/Workout
  • Tuesday – Swimming
  • Tuesday – Treadmill/Workout
  • Thursday – Treadmill
  • Friday – Treadmill/Workout
  • Sunday – Spin Class


There’s the physical side of my week, but remember that it is only a small part of being successful. Food and sleep are they other legs of the health tripod. Make sure you are getting as much sleep as possible to give your body time to recover from the work you are doing. And. The. Food.  This is where I normally struggle, but I have had a really good week (and year so far). I picked up components from J&W Foods (4oz portions of protein, veggies and starch) that are quick and easy and are preventing poor food decisions. 

Whether you go with J&W or a company that makes prepared meals (or even the ones like Good Food that send you the components and you make them), do whatever you need to do to be successful.


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