You Still With Us?

Noticed how I asked if you are still with Us and not just me? They say it takes a village and they are 100% right. The picture above shows me at the gym and sadly I am alone. Twelve hours later I was back and the gym was packed (which is awesome). I love seeing that a large percentage of folks didn’t quit (see my post on January 19th– National Quitters Day). I needed all the help I could get. Thanks to some Garmin Challenges (Running and Steps) and a persistent running partner, 2020 still looks good.

Running Challenge

How do you keep in tip-top shape when the snow is falling and you would rather be curled up on the couch in a Comfy. Well for me its about getting those competitive juices flowing and get into a distance challenge with @sorbotron2000. Indoor or outdoor don’t matter in this one, only the total distance for the month of January. Right now (Jan 28) I hold a 34.5 mile to 30 mile lead, but anything can still happen.  Here’s a question, have you ever used the connected features of Garmin, Apple or someone else to keep you motivated and moving?

Snowy Run

If you find yourself without a Running Challenge, may I recommend getting a Marathon Partner. Someone who can and will drag you (literally) on a run? Joining me was @jessicaroy1978 for a run in Kitchener while visiting the parents… she is the only reason I survived. Kitchener had some trouble clearing the snow after a major dumping and it was a slow and very challenging run. We covered 5.8KMs in 54m15s, punctuated by lots of breaks because I just couldn’t seem to get air and my knees hated the deep snow. Still it was great to be out and I felt like a million bucks after we were done.

High Stepping

The last part of a mobile January strategy has been a Steps challenge with @hoodieruns and @edmarkwards. Just something that hangs out in the back of your mind and keeps you moving (when you don’t want to).  We just introduced @edmarkwards into the monthly challenges and now that he’s here we have to up our game. He’s a stepping machine and a great pace setter to keep us going.

So what’s the moral or the point? Easy. Getting off to a good start is the key to any new year and maintaining it is the Holy Grail. Using things like Challenges and friendly competitions can help provide that little bit extra. You know, the push that gets you out of bed early in the morning when you would just rather sleep. 


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