August #BigBrnzChallenge

Russian Twist

How did you July #BigBrnzChallenge go? Are those guns bursting out of those sleeves? Have you removed the sleeves because they can no longer contain those biceps? My update (as always) involved a mad dash during the last few days in order to complete the challenge before the 31st.  Did my arms almost fall off? Yes? Was it a struggle? Absolutely! Would I do it again? 100% Yes! The challenges aren’t always fun and you have to push to complete them, but each one of them will help us to be a little better every day.

…And What Will This Month Be?

Well over the last several months we’ve worked legs, arms and all manner of cardio/endurance. This month we are moving back to the midline. Working those core muscles so that when it’s time to do the laundry our washboards will be ready. OK, mine won’t but at least my core will be strong! This month the #BigBrnzChallenge is 1,000 Russian Twists with Weight! Don’t let the number daunt you, it’s only about 35 a day and the weight is yours to choose. It can be as heavy as you like, but I urge you to push yourself.

The Russian Twist

Now there are two options for you. First, bring your body into a Sit-up position with your feet anchored under something that won’t move and while squeezing your abs turn your weight left and right as far as you can. The other option is to keep your feet and knees together, elevated off the floor and complete the twist. My photo above (though it might be tough to tell) shows option 2.

As always, don’t’ forget to tag your Instagram pictures with #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz to be featured in the Gallery. Don’t leave those reps till the last minute either. Fight to get a small batch done every day and if you can make it a habit (same time) then you may find it easier.

Good Luck!


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