Collecting The Mail

The @thedimirtic

With the advances in technology, e-mail has long surpassed snail mail as the preferred communication method for most people. There are still some things that have to go through the post. Until we perfect the Star Trek Transporter, Amazon will continue to rely on couriers and Canada Post to get you those online purchases. The key though is to always keep your mailing address up to date.  If you don’t you could end up with the confluence of events that lead to a 32KM Bike Ride to pick up the package you accidently had shipped to your old work address.

What to do, what to do?

Back Story

So as I posted here, I recently decided to change careers after 15 years at the Big K. It was quite the ride, but like Captain Picard said, ‘All good things’… Anyway somehow a package got shipped, the address was wrong and thanks to @catluc and @jennyymn, the package ended up in the hands of @thedimirtic who lives nearby. After many missed appointments to collect said package, I knew that I couldn’t impose any further and drastic action needed to be taken.

Collecting the Mail

As Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful, I wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to bed. Still, since the Red Rocket got a tune-up and was ready to roll, I pulled it together and got rolling. I had no other desire other then to avoid the crazy hill on Dufferin north of Mac as I set out. Since the weather was perfect I just kept pedaling and before I knew it I was well beyond my normal turn around and near to the @thedimitric. I stopped by grabbed a photo, picked up the ‘package’ and then headed home.

The Fine Print

Overall the Ride was 1h21m25s covering 32.19KMs.  With all the rolling hills I had 636ft of elevation gained and Garmin says I burned 1,214 calories. My average speed was just over 23KM/h, which is down from my normal average but ok since there was lots of climbing. 77RPM as an average cadence with a max of 108RPM was right on target. I even managed to catch and overtake a peloton of 8 riders and pass them on the way down Bayview.

New Kicks

I followed the Ride up with another of those ‘Brick’ Runs covering 4.13KMs in 32m01s. It was fast, it was hot and it was tough, but I felt like a million dollars when I was done.  Another 105ft of elevation gain and another 612 calories burned. Not bad eh? Today was also the first Ride with my new shoes! They are sweet eh? Oh and the package… Toothpaste.


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