Fluid Motions

Those Red Arrows Can’t Be Good

What to do when life gives you lemons? Cut them up and use them as a garnish for your vodka and soda. I’m just kidding (sort of) because I’m trying to keep this post light. Frustration has been the name of the game for the last couple of weeks and it has derailed my Lean & Clean Challenge and just about everything else. Ugh. Still, contrary to those who say that I can be all ‘Doom and Gloom’, I will be giving you as look at how I am dealing with this setback.


Find Someone Smart

Now in a previous life, excess fluid meant one of two things. A great night out at the bar or equations being shouted at you by a difficult to understand professor. Since the Red Arrows in the photo above fall into neither category, I sought out a second opinion. Enter Dr. Kelcie (or @_sry.im.late_) for a rapid-fire question and answer period. We haven’t done a thorough examination, but based on discussion i’ve tried elevating, icing, compressing and a myriad of other things. Sadly they haven’t had a positive impact yet, but we’re not giving up.


Keep Moving

While I haven’t been able to WOD on a regular basis (or do much else like Running), i have been on the Rower and the Airdyne in the hopes that getting the knee moving will help and move some of the liquid out. It hasn’t been successful either, but at the very least I’m getting some physical activity in outside of the small walks and fetch sessions with @RoRoFromMexico.


Go To The Wizard

I know you’ve heard me gush about Ian from @core_muscle_activation but honestly, when it gets bad he is a miracle worker. You have to be careful how you utilize this resource, but with an appointment scheduled for next week, I am very hopeful that whatever is out of alignment can be put back where it belongs. I have no doubt that my knee issue is related to my right small toe (Ian has shown that where the pain is centralized, is not necessarily the source of the problem).


On my own I’ve also been taking various prescription and OTC NSAIDs and pain relievers to try and reduce the inflammation.  So far this is turning out to be a little more challenging than most of my ‘issues’, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it (or put up with it). You just need to modify and do what you can.


I will keep you updated…


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