So How’s The New You?

Hi Kelcie!! And is that Riley in the background? Don’t worry, we’ll Grace soon…
Have you been asked that question yet? Well maybe not, we
are only 6 days into the New Year. Gyms are packed and everyone is trying to
maintain their ‘resolutions’ to get healthy and salads dominate the landscapes
in lunch rooms everywhere. Sadly a lot will stop in the coming days which is
too bad. If you want to succeed, the changes need to become life changes and
those bad boys require a ‘nose to the grind stone’ type of approach.
Kind of gloomy? Well it is early on a Friday as I try and
gather my thoughts for this overdue post. Resolutions are hard and if you start
to stumble, it can be hard to recover (especially when starting ‘fresh’ on
January 1st). The key is (in my humble opinion) is to create that
habit. Making that schedule that removes chance from the equation.  Getting to the gym is hard. Eating all the
right things is hard. Basically life is hard (geez, no surprise there). So how
do you get the ‘win’? I guess the only advice I can give is to take the small
victories. Drink your coffee regular instead of double-double. Maybe choose
milk in that coffee instead of cream. Hit that Monday class every week for a
month. Get the small wins and add them up and eventually you will be able to
get the big wins.
Lecture over…
So how about my small wins? Well there have been a few. I’ve
been working with @CanuckCoach on the Eat to Perform program and I can say that
I’ve stuck to it. The chocolates (pictured) have been sitting next to my desk
for a week and I haven’t eaten any of them (Large Round of APPLAUSE). Normally
it would have been a race to see how many I could eat in a day, but with the thought
of carrying extra weight for 42KMs, I’ve managed to stay away. Am I hungry?
Yes. Not because my body needs food (I’m getting plenty of what is needed), but
because I enjoy eating and let’s be honest chocolate, pizza, ice cream and cake
all taste amazing. Still when you see a small win, it helps motivate you to
continue. I’m down 4.5lbs since Monday. Is that normal and healthy? For me it
is as I can fluctuate a lot. Will that type of loss continue for the duration.
I wish. It will start to slow down as I reach what I hope will be a new ‘regular’
What about working out? Well here there have been wins and retries
(I don’t want to think in terms of loses, only learning experiences). I got
back on Spritz for what feels like the first time in forever. Who or what is
Spritz? Well you have to dig deep in the BigBrnz archives to find that Sprits
is the name of my Spin Bike (given to it by the little Redhead in Brantford).
He was heavily used in the lead-up to my French Cycling adventure and he was a
big reason I made it up those many mountains (including Ventoux). He’s been
patiently waiting to be called into service and 12.5KM later I had myself some
tired legs and a good morning workout.  I
promptly doubled up and did a heavy WOD @CrossFitCanuck and then found myself
recovering until this morning (holy hamstrings). Still, small wins will lead to
big things and I’m sticking with it.
Did you notice my new ring? @SavannahJessie got me a @QALORing for Christmas! Boy does that make a huge change during coaching and workouts. It’s a silicone ring that I don’t need to worry about and while my tungsten wedding band probably would have been fine, this way I don’t have to worry about scratches or banging it on barbells or the rig. YAY!!!
Giant meat hooks…
OK, there’s the update! I won’t keep you on this early
Friday morning, but I will also remind you that besides nutrition and exercise
that you need to also take care of the body. Massage, Chiro and my personal non-human
favorite Magnesium. Make sure you are taking the time to take care of the
machine in between grueling workouts. I visited @ClinicRSWC last night for
Chiro and Massage and I have to say the ankle release Dr. Laura managed to get
was glorious (I’m actually surprised it wasn’t heard around the world) and
@macmillan_f did some serious work on the legs.
Have a great Friday!



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