A Resolution for 2017

A Happy Oilers Fan at Christmas!
After years and years of no resolutions
here, there might actually be a resolution for 2017. Did I just say there will
be a resolution? What about never waiting to make a life change? Have you been
abducted by aliens BigBrnz? Is someone else writing this?
No. No there are no aliens here. It is me
writing this and this year there will be a resolution. Here’s the what and the
First the what. I need to get serious. I
need to reach back to years past and find that old fire and desire to get my
weight down to 250lbs by the time I get to the starting line for the Chicago
So there’s the what.
Now the why.  If I’m going to be successful, I need to lose
some weight. My knees won’t be able to go 42kms if I’m carrying these extra
pounds and I will have no chance of getting a sub six-hour time if that doesn’t
happen. I want to be able to keep up to @JessyR1978 and she’s shooting for a
sub-five so I have my work cut out for me. I need to be consistent with my
eating plan and training. Excuses will not be tolerated in 2017…
If you don’t make goals public you can
pretend that it never happened or you’ve never said it. Making your goals
public allows you to be held accountable to yourself and to others. This blog
is a big part of my accountability chain and over the last year there has been
a drop off on my writing. With the focus on being marathon ready in less than
11 months, you are going to see a steady stream of updates so keep an eye on
this space.
2016 has been a rollercoaster year. From
the highs of marrying @savanahjessie surrounded by our family and friends to
the lows of my recovery from knee surgery. This year has run the gamut of
emotions. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but continuing a
disturbing trend I have only been able to take one thing of my goal board (in
the last 2 years (335lb Back Squat)).  I’m
not sure where I’ve gone off the rails, but I think intensity and regularity
are big parts of it…
Here’s the plan for 2017
8 – Week Rowing Program
Eat to Perform with @CanuckCoach
18 – Week Hal Highdon Marathon Prep
CrossFit Endurance Program with @ajhughes77
Add to that my normal coaching schedule, a
special coaching announcement (which will be coming out in the next few weeks),
training for some new Microsoft and Cisco exams and then ensuring a fun and
action packed daily life with @savannahjessie, 2017 is going to be busy! Time
management is going to move up the list of things I will need to master.
Anybody have any suggestions?
Still with me? There’s been a lot in this
post to take in.
Happy New Year!
While you digest the information here,
@savannahjessie would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May 2017
bring you happiness, joy and health. We are heading back from Christmas in Western
Canada and when we get back, we are going to be ready to take on the New Year.
We hope you will join us making 2017 the healthiest year ever!



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