Well That Was Hot

Do you know what this is? Me after Bikram Yoga… Sweaty…
Monday (September 28) – In an effort to not
get into a rut and to expand my horizons, @SavannahJessie got me to try Bikram
Yoga. You know, the Yoga (which I have done) in a room that’s 40 degrees. Did I
mention, it’s 40 degrees. Now it isn’t like Vegas hot, it’s middle of the
Amazon rainforest. Humid. I didn’t even know that the human body could produce
that volume of sweat. It was like a waterfall of perspiration… Kinda like
Niagara Falls.
Now I have done Yoga and it was alright. I
got a good stretch. It was for charity. Oh wait, there was that P90X Yoga
session that was probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. 90
minutes of Vinyasas and Push-ups and pain. Not pain, but movements that left me
in a heaped mess on the carpet.  This was
different. Sort of.
Let me explain…
The class itself wasn’t for newbies, but it
wasn’t so advanced that I had to attempt to stand on my head. There were times
that I had to modify on my own, but for the most part it was pretty enjoyable. The
wildcard was the heat. It made the muscles nice and loose, but by the 45 minute
mark I was more than ready to get out of the room. Our instructor stressed the
need to make it through the first class (which I did), but I did need a cold
shower just to be able to get back into the car.
I’m not sure if Bikram Yoga is for me, but I
have another few classes to find out…


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