There and Back Again, Kettlebell Edition (Lord of the Rings reference)
Saturday (October 3) – Coming off the fresh
high of a Squat Clean PR on Thursday, life once again got in the way. By the
time Friday’s work day was complete, there wasn’t any way that I was going to
be able to handle Bikram Yoga or a session @CrossFitCanuck. Still, there is
always Saturday to look forward to. Even if this week @SarahBassels couldn’t
make it, Adam and I made it to the box for a custom made WOD by yours truly.
Now that being said, originally I wanted to hit up the WOD from Friday, but
Adam had done it yesterday and wasn’t doing it back-to-back.
500m Row
No somewhere I got it in my head this week
that I needed to do some kind of burder carry. Weird eh?? What else to do
though? I scrolled through the WOD book and nothing really caught our eye so my
brain went to work. I feel like Thrusters, but not really Thrusters. Hmm… What
about if we take it apart and do our stack it. Bingo!!
12 minute AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (@135lbs)
6 Front Squats (@135lbs)
9 Push Press (@135lbs)
30m Farmer Carry (2@70lb Kettlebell)
It looked good on paper. There were some
dynamics here that made this one interestingly tough. I managed to push through
the back twinge that has been on and off for a while (I feel like I’m getting
old or something) and hit the Power Cleans and Front Squats unbroken. I ended
up breaking up the Push Press into groups of 3s. Still I did manage to finish 3
Rounds + 5 Push Press.
Adult Milkshake from @oldschoolyyz (Maker’s Mark, Salted Carmel and Vanilla Ice Cream)
All I had for a BWOD was a back rollout to
try and loosen up. It didn’t feel good so I decided to call it a day, hit Home
Depot for some home project related materials and then head for the Casa. No
fun stuff planned until late (See above), but a goal to get a bunch of studying
done for the CCNA Wireless prep. Ugh. I’ve honestly done more studying and exam
writing since I’ve left school then I ever did at Ryerson…


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