Can You Find Me?

Remember me??

Tuesday (July 28) – yup I’m right here, right of Edmonton. Alberta and north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. It has been an interesting trip so far squeezing in friends, an 80th birthday party and the wedding into a very small window. What a great time. So many thank you’s, from Uncle J, Maureen and Olivia for the ride and hospitality to Uncle Lyle, Colleen and Mable (the birthday girl) for the outstanding celebration (photos will be available once we get home). There’s also a very big thank you to @jen_wis and Ryan for having us and for including me in the rehearsal dinner and day of preparations. Needless to say that while I’ve been on vacation the diet, ok let’s not say diet, let’s say food intake has been varied. Varied? Well moderately health to not so much in portions ranging from proper to nap time on the coach. They also have the Great Western Brewery out here, enough said.

Time to do something…

Well I brought my running gear, might as well suit up and get out there. I Google Mapped a route and headed out the front door. The plan? Start off with a nice easy pace to get loose and then kick it up to ‘Half Marathon’ pace. What I didn’t realize, that it is tough to run on a dirt road. I’ve never been a trail runner or a cross country guy so this was a totally new experience for me. Boy did I miss the pavement. That hard knee aching blacktop sure changes the running dynamics a whole bunch. A solid surface to drive from and the solid feeling of the power transfer from shoes to surface. The dirt road really makes you work. The bonus? Being on that path, with no one around but Lyla (my unexpected) running partner and the cows in the field.

I covered 4.2KM on this run, but I had been shooting for 5. Google lied to me. It said the road I chose would keep going and it didn’t.  Still I did manage to have an average pace of 7m46s/KM with an average heart rate of 149BPM (164BPM Max). The Garmin says that I burned 473 calories, but based on how winded I was and how hard I felt I worked I think it should have read 1,000. I don’t have any strike data because the pod was on my other shoes.

The body didn’t enjoy this workout, but when I was done I realized that somehow I missed running. Don’t ask me how the heck that happened. I’m still hoping to get a WOD in at Cujo Conditioning before we head back, but my body is aching right now. My hip is still sore from the Wallball strain (and it is beginning to really piss me off) and both shoulders are sore from how I’ve been sleeping. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing.


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