Pull Harder

Spoon Pizza, discovered Thursday…
Friday (Nov 7) – Well Friday is heerrreee
(do a little dance). This has been a week straight out of bizarro world with
ups, downs and a bunch of work. I’m a bit conflicted because I’m not sure how
to feel about everything that has gone on. I’m pretty happy with the fact I got
my 2 scheduled early morning rows in, but a bit disappointed that I only got to
WOD once. I got shadowing hours in and am progressing towards learning how to
be a coach. A friend of mine is going through a tough time and I’m not sure how
I can help. Basically I’ve been all over the map, I know that’s where I live,
but it would be nice to have a quiet week once and a while.
Now today was going to be a last second
WOD, but I need all the hours of shadowing I can get with Tavia so it’s
Chocolate Shadow time. Sounds like a superhero name doesn’t it? Now I’m not
saying I’m a superhero (yet), wait where was I going with this… Right, a WOD
turned into shadowing and then (since I was there) I completed week 3 day 3 of
the Row program.
515m Row
10/10/10/10/10 (266m)
5×100 Sprint
3,000m (1,500m @80% and 1,500m @90%)
600m Splits
Everything else aside, it was an exciting
warm-up (5x100m) as I set a new PR. I broke 16 seconds in the 100m with a solid
15.8s. There was some trouble in the 3,000m though as I had trouble regulating
my tempo. It is hard to work at a perceived rate of work. There were peaks and
valleys, but I did manage to finish in 11m38.3s (7m45s 2,000m split). I can’t
wait to see what week 4 has in store for me.
See you Saturday.


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