Getting My Picture Took

Now before we get to the excitement of laying in a steel
pipe being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation (and no, I did not get
superpowers… sad face) we had an adventurous day @CrossFitCanuck.  Now I was FINALLY feeling better after a
longer then usual recovery time (my legs just didn’t bounce back after Monday)
and I was just getting started with the warm-up when I ran into a problem.
Someone missed putting a 10lb plate away and as I dropped of the rig I rolled
my ankle.
Now there is a Burpee rule about that, but mistakes happen.
I get some of the blame for not looking where I was leaping. In OHSA
(Occupational Health and Safety Act, can you tell I did training today?), I
didn’t ensure my work area was safe, but damn. 
I was pretty much ruined for the remainder of the WOD. I couldn’t Squat,
had trouble pulling and even the Power Snatch hurt.
400m Run
5 Pull-ups
3 Squats
Now the original plan was for Hang Squat Snatch, but Coach D
(@DefconRX) modified me to Hang Power Snatch. Now I know there were a few
catches with knees bent instead of hips back, but it was the best I could
do.  I was pretty happy that with the
limitation I was able to Hang Power Snatch 125lbs (my Snatch 1RM is 145lbs). We
followed that up with a 5 minute EMOM of 3 Hang Power Snatch @95lbs. Fun times.
We then shifted to 3 minutes, lifting every 30 seconds of 1 Snatch Pull and 1
Power Snatch.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
5 Rounds of
10 Push-ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead (@135lbs)
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Now you may be looking at the GHD numbers and scratching
your head. Well they were to replace 30 DUs and when Coach D said 15 of each, I
misheard him and did 50. Well, at least I got this weeks homework out of the
way. I finished 1 Round plus 41 GHD Sit-ups. Now it’s not often that I skip the
Cash-out and the BWOD, but I had to head north to get the MRI on my shoulder.
I am a happy camper that I lost the 120lbs. That little tube
is freaking tiny.  They had to stuff me
in the machine, with my shoulder in a special device for 25 minutes. No moving,
no squirming, itchy nose and oh yeah, the warning from the tech that the
machine could burn me. Great, now I will be able to remain calm and not move.
Hopefully this will provide answers to my shoulder issues.
The plan for the weekend is still to get a run in, but we’ll
have to see. Catch you on the flipside.

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