What Exhausted Tastes Like

See @SarahBassels I make faces too!
Well the Open is here. The countdown is done and the time
for action is here. Saturday morning the Canucks gathered at @CrossFitCanuck
for a straight up throw down of pain. 10 minutes to complete as many rounds as
possible of 30 Double Unders (DUs) and 15 Snatches (@75lbs). Now I’ve been
freaking about this WOD since Thursday’s announcement, but there hasn’t been
much I could do. A rest day was needed on Friday and Saturday I was going
bright and early. My inconsistent DUs would just have to do.
1500m Row
100 Skips
DU Practice
I warmed up pretty quickly on the Snatch because I wasn’t
really worried about the weight. I was confident that anything up to @115lbs I could
throw around if I needed too. It was the DUs. I tried to get my legs loose, but
no matter what I did I was still tense. How do you get passed your nerves?
Easy. Perch your giant frame on a stack of 45lb plates and cheer @SarahBassels
(and the rest of heat 1) as they go through the pain.  Oh and by cheer, I mean scream. Sorry folks I
only come with 1 volume setting. Based on the hurt I was witness too, I wasn’t
feeling super confident, but I would do my best.
Now my heat was full of powerhouse Canucks, but for 10
minutes all that existed was my little patch of floor, a barbell and my rope.
You can hear people cheering, but you don’t necessarily understand what they
are saying. With Suzana taking care of the judging (and counting) I was free to
focus on the movements. Let me tell you, 30 DUs, 1 at a time is exhausting.
Starting and stopping just saps the energy from you. I linked 3 or 4 a couple
of times, but as I bled energy, everything got harder. The only time I felt
like I was rolling was when I was tossing the bar.
100 reps. 2 full rounds plus 10 DUs. Triple digits. I would
have loved to get more, but that is all I could manage. Every ounce of energy
was spent trying to get 1 more rep. Am I proud of my result? Yes. Do I wish I could
have hit more? Of course I do. But I will get better, you have to always try
and be better.
Tavia congratulating me on my 1st Open WOD
The Canucks all worked hard and cheered hard for each other
and it was inspiring to be a part of.  My
friend @photobykoe will have the pictures ready for us soon (they look amazing)
and I will post them on the Canuck page.
Thanks to @luvmousey for switching heats with me so that I could
be on time to my niece Willow’s 1st birthday party and to
@SavannahJessie for coming to cheer me on during my first Open.


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