Proof Anything is Possible

It’s amazing what you can do with the “figurative” gun
against your head or your back against the wall.  The image above is visual evidence of that.
The total number of times that I have hit a Chest to Bar Pull-up (without the
aid of a band) since I started CrossFit in November 2012 is precisely 0. ZERO,
none, null, cero. It doesn’t matter what language, the result is the same, my
chest and the Pull-up bar have never met. That is until today. It’s amazing
what a moving start and a desire to get 1 rep can have on the body and mind.
Total Chest to Bar Pull-ups after Open WOD 14.2, 7.
Now I still don’t agree with Castro’s programming (see
previous post), as I believe having this movement this early in the Open ends
up discouraging a lot of people. The first few WODs should be movements that
everyone can do. The crème de la crème will still rise to the top of the
leaderboard when Muscle-ups rear their ugly face.  Still there is the other side of that coin as
well. Pushing people outside of their comfort zones and forcing them to be
1000m Row
PVC Pass Throughs/Dislocates
Hip Warm-up
OHS (Bar, 65lbs, 95lbs)
Pull-ups (failed Chest to Bars)
Now credit needs to go to @humphrda for the moving
start.  As I watched him compete in Heat
1, I was out of options. I hadn’t been able to hit the C2B (Chest to Bar) with
a regular grip, switch grip or underhand grip. Nothing had worked. I could get
to the chin, but that was it. Queue my first attempt before the next group
started. BAM! My chest hit the bar so hard I scared myself and almost let go
(that would have been messy). OK, it works and my judge @SarahBassels confirmed
that as long as my arms and shoulders were locked out then it was allowed.
Wait patiently to test my plan. Stress about getting to below
parallel with an Overhead Squat that is 5lbs lighter then my 1RM and scream
(cheer) my face off as my Canuck family each attacked the WOD in turn. Yeah, if
that isn’t stress, I don’t know what is.
My Turn…
First step, get these OHS. Get low. No plates allowed so my
feet are going to go a bit wide (sorry Tavia). Whatever it takes to get south
of parallel. 10 reps, shoulders still attached, check. OK, time to see if I can
make this C2B rep. Catch the bar, pop up and PULL! There’s one! Now when you
are focused it’s tough to hear what people are screaming, but I did hear the
Canucks cheer (Thanks Guys!!) and that kept me moving to keep going. 5 reps,
getting tired, not Double Under tired, but close. Time to try @girmantitov’s
switch grip with a flying twist. 2 more reps. Time running out and my shoulders
burning, I realize I’m not getting back to the second round of OHS. Still, that’s
7 more reps then I expected to get when this was announced on Thursday. Total,
Now as long as you don’t ask me to get anything off the top
shelf for the next 48hrs we will be fine. There’s still lots of work to do on
Pull-ups and Chest to Bar, but one step at a time. Congratulations to EVERYONE
who threw down on Saturday.  The WOD was
Ugly Nasty, but we all took our best shots at it and punched it in the face.
Rest up your aches and pains (especially some of the hands that I saw) and get
ready for a Heavy Monday (ok, honestly I’m a little scared) and the 14.3

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