So Begins The Next Phase

I know some of you can’t understand my
fascination/devotion/motivation to/with/for CrossFit, but it is one of the few
sports where anyone has the chance to compete at the panicle of the sport.
Having participated in the Open and gone to Regionals, watching the Games shows
what the Human Body can do and become. Now I’m not saying that it’s my hearts’
desire to complete 1000m Row and 5 rounds of 25 Pull-ups and 7 Shoulder to
Overhead in less than 9 minutes, but having that ability would be pretty cool.  Tuning your body to reach its ultimate
potential. Ok, enough sappiness, you aren’t here to read my ramblings, oh,
wait, yes you are. Well it’s Saturday @CrossFitCanuck and there is work to be

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
4 minute Ladder of
Good Mornings 

We even had a mascot for today’s work. Now I missed Hatch
yesterday (and I’m conflicted as to whether I’m happy or sad about that), but maybe
my hips need the break. Today we were working on the Bench Press. Did I mention
that I really like the BP? I was worried about if my shoulder could take it (I had
a treatment before class and got a talking to by my Physiotherapist about what I
should and shouldn’t be doing… He was scolding me for most of it), but I was
determined to play and keep the weight light. Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes we
would be completing 8 reps. I was working at 145lbs which wasn’t quite 80% of
my 1RM (which is 230lbs), but I tested going to 155lbs and it ‘twinged’ the
shoulder so I came back down. Next up was the Deadlift (which I’ve been having
trouble with lately), we were going heavy and we were going for high reps.
Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes we went for 10 reps at 255lbs. Coach @girmantitov
kept on me because there were a couple of reps where I was rounding, but for
the most part it was business as usual.

Coe (10 Rounds for Time 15 minute CAP)
10 Thrusters (Modified to 15 Front Squats @105lbs)
10 Ring Push-ups (Modified)

Modify, Modify, Modify is the name of the game right now
(ugh), but at least I was allowed to keep playing. Overhead work is tough so
@girmantitov gave me Front Squats. Today even those were tough. I finished 6
full rounds plus 8 Front Squats, but my arms (read: shoulder) were cooked. The
first few ring push-ups started off as standard ones, but the stress on my
shoulder was too much.

3×20 GHD Back Extensions (with 15lb Kettlebell)
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout
Ankle Mobility

Now comes the scary part of this post. 12 weeks of training
for the ScotiaBank Half Marathon. After a couple of weeks of taking it easy
(well easier) in my training, it’s time to ratchet up again. I’m following a
Hal Highdon training program combined with a large dose of… dun, dun, dun…
CrossFit! Jillian has been taking it easy on me for the last little while as I try
and recover from this stupid shoulder, but injury or not, I have to get ready
to race. So 3 to 4 runs per week with some spinner mixed in plus CrossFit will
make for some busy days. I’m not really worried if the body can handle it, more
if I have the will to stick to it. Here’s hoping.


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