Right to the Edge

Wow, what a week. Professionally and physically I have had
everything I can take. It has been one serious rollercoaster the last couple
days and my body is taken all it can. 
Not a very cheerful start, but I’m still here kicking and I am loving it
(well, except for the server failure part). I’m taking tomorrow off so it was
back-to-back-to-back this week and right now everything hurts. Even driving
after tonight was tough.  It’s a good
thing I have a couple days to try and recover.

Warm-up ‘A’
500m Row
3 Rounds of
10 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
10 Goblet Squats (@25lbs)

Warm-up ‘B’
3 Jump Shrugs
3 High Pulls
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Drop Snatch
3 Sots Press
5 Duck Walk (Forward)
5 Duck Walk (Backward)

Made a small adjustment with my hands in Snatch Grip (I can’t
go thumbs under because of the damage I did with the bouncing barbell in
December. I might even get it checked one of these days) because my hands were
too wide. Hopefully it helps long term. Strength today was more Snatch work
(and yes it does sound dirty), but I was lifting really light because there was
absolutely nothing left in my shoulders.  4 minutes, lifting every 30s @80lbs and then a
3 minute 3xME Snatch. I dropped down to 75lbs and completed 21 reps.

WOD – 25 minute CAP
20 OHS (All Barbell Weights @75lbs)
20 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
20 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Front Squats
30 Wallball (@20lbs)
30 Shoulder to Overhead
40 Back Squats
40 Kettlebell Swings
40 Shoulder to Overhead
Today I was limited by my OHS. I probably could have gone up
a bit for the rest of the movements (And my Front Squat felt especially good)
but there was no changing weights. I finished in 20m20s and I actually got to
cheer on the rest of the #530Crew for a change. 
As always it was an all-out effort all around.

20 Hollow Rock Rolls to Superman

This is what I love about @CrossFitCanuck. I had just
finished my Cash-out and was just contemplating getting changed when Jillian
(Tavia) inquired if I had finished my homework. Reload the water bottle and get
back at it.

Bernie WOD
3×20 GHD Back Extensions
5 Deep Squats (Rig)
Shoulder Stretches (Rings)
Back Rollout

By no means the longest B-WOD, but it did get done. I wasn’t
kidding about struggling to drive, my shoulders are fried.  I’m going to take it easy for the next couple
of days and hopefully I will be recharged and ready to go for Monday.


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