Nice and Easy

Now before you make a crack about me coloring my hair, save
it and remember that I’m rocking the chrome dome. Nice and easy is referring to
the pace of today’s spin session. Tavia, er, I mean Jillian has made it clear
that for the remainder of my 30 Day Challenge she will be putting the screws to
me and making me work harder than before. As much as I’m shaking (and I am),
Jillian gave me a pep talk last night and I’m up for the extra work.

So when the alarm went off this morning and as much as I hated
to, I dragged my less tired butt out of bed (thanks for the tip about the
magnesium). It was a tough sleep. And by tough I mean absolutely deep (as in
out cold) sleep. Shorts, shoes and on the bike.

Now my legs (and the rest of me) were still a bit gooey (not
crispy) from last night and I wanted to have some juice left for 13.2 tonight. I
went 10KM in a little over 21 minutes with an average heart rate of 132BPM. I
maxed out at 139BPM (which is low). Even my cadence wasn’t up to the normal 90
per minute (81 today), but the spin felt good loosening up my legs and hips.


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