Lessons Learned

A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

What goes up must come down.
A 100lb barbell is heavy.
…Especially if you drop it on your head.
So after trying to recover from 13.1 and the stupidity of
Daylight Savings Time (it’s not stupid, I’m just mad because I went to bed
early, couldn’t sleep and then my alarm didn’t go off), I was a little bit
crispy (Mom: Crispy is a term to describe moderate muscle pain).  I’m happy to say that after the slight detour
on Friday and Saturday, I’m back with the nutritional program and even made my
first ‘pasta’ using a spaghetti squash.

500m Row
3 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

I’m really trying to focus on moving my hips when I’m doing
squats and making sure I get good depth. 
Both these items seemed a bit more difficult today because my glutes and
hammies were angry about 13.1. Go figure. I really need to start working on my
flexibility because in order for me to get to the next level of lifting (or
anything else), I’m going to have to start using way better form. Today’s
strength work was 15 minutes to find a 1 rep max Squat Clean and Jerk.  The Squat portion of my Squat Clean needs
some serious work. I did manage to join the rest of the #530Crew in PR city,
but only by 5lbs (new PR of 170lbs). Big congratulations to @DefconRX for his
MONSTER C&J and to @SarahBassels and @paulperena for new PR’s!

4 minute Ladder
Wallball (@20lbs)

6 Rounds for Time
3 Wall Walks
6 Squat Thrusters (@100lbs)
9 Knees to Elbows

Well that was intense! My arms have been gooey ever since my
Rope climb attempt on Thursday and they certainly did not love the Push-ups in
the warm-up or the WOD.  I still managed
to finish 7 full rounds plus 4 Wallball. 10 second rest and into the WOD we go.
It was a crazy 6 rounds let me tell you and while there was a soft cap,
everyone got through.  I finished in a
time of 20m19s, but I did manage to drop the bar on my head during the last
round.  It hurt. I managed not to draw
blood, but I have a goose-egg on the way and my neck is stiff. I tried to complete
the Double Under cash-out, but my noggin was having none of it.

I still tried to complete my homework and hit the Rope.  It did not go well AGAIN!! It is frustrating
as all get out, but the issue today was my feet and locking in.  I still have 10 days before the deadline, and
I will get it.  I’m moving my normal
schedule around this week and am back at it tomorrow at @CrossFitCanuck and I will
be on the bike for the first time in forever Tuesday morning.


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