I Remember You

As the alarm went off this morning I was cursing both the
time and the knowledge that I had homework (wait, is it homework if Jillian (Tavia)
assigns it before the sun rises). It was a serious struggle to roll this big
body out of bed and get on the spinner. That being said, I had orders and I certainly
hate to disappoint. So I rolled out, got dressed and as tough as it was,
started pounding the pedals.

*Side note: Thanks to everyone who reached out with regards
to my skills at dropping heavy weights onto various parts of my anatomy. I’m
fine and hopefully the lump won’t show up in my license renewal photo tomorrow.

So today’s session wasn’t the longest session in history,
but it got done.  25m58s and covered
12.52KM. Just think, in less than 3 months I will have to ride SIX times that
distance (and it won’t be flat).  My RPMs
were a bit low (averaged 84), but with CrossFit last night and again tonight I didn’t
want to push so hard that I hurt something. 
Stupid side note I even managed to jam my ankle getting on the bike
(like seriously WTF the last 24hrs).

My heart rate average was 137BPM and I maxed out in the
neighborhood of 154BPM. The average wasn’t quite up to my normal, but give me a
break I’m getting back into the Ride for Heart shape (plus I still have some


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