Hit The Bottom of The Top!

Well holy moly, my birthday is here and I have a hot date
with the Rope. First off a big thanks for all the birthday wishes that I’ve received
all day long, you guys have really made my day! I was chatting Keffie last
night and I’ve come to the conclusion that this will be the year of Beez.  Now before you get worried that I’m getting
an overdeveloped ego, I mean that this whole year will be about becoming a
stronger healthier person (and I’m moving in the right direction). I also want
to the thank @CrossFitCanuck and all the Canucks because you guys have been a
big reason that I am having success. THANK YOU.

Now before we go any farther, just to update you on my
nutrition today (on a day when you are supposed to be able to fill your face
with whatever you want), I did eat reasonably well.  @CADPRO00 treated me to lunch and my
department bought me a cake (thanks Jaime), but in the spirit of my challenge I
only ate a small middle piece (it was a middle piece too, so no icing bonanza).

500m Row
20 Good Mornings
50 Skips
20 Squats
20 Push-ups (Unbroken)

So because it’s my birthday, Tavia let us have some fun
trying to find our 1 rep max for the Deadlift (which is my favorite). We had 20
minutes to work our way up, but we had to show good form or @DefconRX was going
to make us strip the bar. When it was all done I had increased my PR by 15lbs.
I’m now rocking a Deadlift PR of 315lbs (which is over my bodyweight for those
keeping track).

I got to choose tonight’s WOD and with the Open on I didn’t
want to pick anything too crazy (I did contemplate Victoria for about 5 seconds).
After some scrolling I went with TABATA THIS!

TABATA THIS (20s on, 10s off. 8 Rounds per Movement. Lowest
Total is Your Score)
Calorie Row
1 minute Rest
1 minute Rest
1 minute Rest
1 minute Rest

What the heck was I thinking?  That was not easy. My numbers looked like
this, Row 8, Squats 12, Pull-ups 4, Push-ups 7 and Sit-ups 9.  Total Score was 30.  I’m not going to lie, I am pretty happy with
that score.  Now it was pucker time.  The clock reads all 0’s for me and the Rope.

Team Rope Climb

Now I was going last on my team and I really needed to get
to the top on the first attempt (because I was absolutely shredded from TABATA
THIS).  We rolled through it and my team
was awesome.  They rolled through the
line and they all made it to the top. 
OK, my turn. I tried to keep my mind calm and I worked my way up. I made
it to the top of the Rope, tapping the black cap (as evidenced by the video
requested by @hoodieruns).

It has been a really good day, thanks for being part of it.


PS – one last group of Thank You’s, to goDaddy and
@hoodieruns who for a ridiculously low cost helped my get my blog working on my
very own domain.  @hoodieruns is a certified
Google Ninja (with Gold Ninja Stars).

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