Get Your Head Right

So Open WOD 13.4 was released Wednesday night and I was not
happy about the choice of movements. Toes to Bar. Seriously? You pick another
one of those moves that I can’t hit yet. I was pretty down about it for most of
today and my head wasn’t into tonight’s WOD or anything else. Queue up Katie
and words of wisdom as I contemplated not even bothering to do 13.4 (I know I’m
not registered, but it’s benchmarking), do the WOD and modify what you have to
(i.e. Toes to Bar become Knees to Elbows). Genius. Thanks Katie.

400m Run
2 Rounds of
10 Squats
15 OHS with PVC
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups

I was feeling ok on the Run, but it went downhill from
there.  Stupid Overhead Squats. Same old
story, as soon as there is weight over my head, my hips do not open. Grrrr. We
started with Snatches and I worked at 75lbs, but they did not feel good.  I just couldn’t find a rhythm and I struggled
to get done the first round of 4 minutes (lifting every 30s), but the 3 minute
ME Snatches were a debacle. I only managed to get 11 reps in over the 3 rounds.
@DefconRX could see I was struggling to get my head into the game and got me to
focus on making sure my form was good and just working through the exercises.

50 Lunges
20 OHS (@75lbs)
20 Chest to Bar (Blue Band)
50 Lunges
15 OHS
15 Chest to Bar
50 Lunges
10 OHS
10Chest to Bar

Well I can honestly say with @DefconRX and @CADPRO00
shouting encouragement, I made it through this. 
I can also say with confidence that Lunges have moved themselves
waaaaaayy up on the list of things I don’t like. I did some thinking and I chirped
about running the last couple of nights and that was poor form. No more
complaining, just working harder. Although I reserve the right to internally
despise Lunges.  I did have my best round
of OHS ever tonight and that make me feel a little bit better about things,
especially since I finished in 20m53s.

No homework today as I’m gassed and tomorrow is 13.4.


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