Almost On A Sinking Ship

Welcome to PR City Readers! It will be a quick one tonight,
because I am GASSED.  First off,
congratulations to Iron Anne, @CADPRO00 and Yours Truly for setting new PR’s in
the Split Jerk. It was tough sledding tonight but everyone threw down and all
the lifting was outstanding. I won’t lie though, after the week off, I almost
didn’t make it through to the end of this one.

30 seconds Shuttle Run (easy)
30 seconds Squats
30 seconds Shuttle Run (med)
30 seconds Jumping Jacks
30 seconds Shuttle Run (fast)
30 seconds Jump Squats
30 seconds Shuttle Run (fastest)
30 seconds Knee High Jumps (I did single knee ups)

Now my legs were feeling a bit gooey and I had an ok but not
great lunch.  I wasn’t sure that I was
going to have enough juice in the tank to get all the way to the end.  No wimping out though, let’s get at it. First
up, 5 sets of 3 Split Jerk off the rack at heaviest possible weight. Now I had
a Clean and Jerk of 135lbs, so I was basing my max on that number and worked my
way in that direction. I finished the last set of 3 at 135lbs and since we had
time left over @DefconRX said we could try for a 1 rep max. When it was all
said and done I had a new PR sitting nice and pretty at 150lbs.

WOD (18 minute CAP)
50 SDHP (@95lbs)
40 Push-ups
30 Pull-ups
20 OHS (@95lbs)
10 T2B
Every minute perform 20 single skips

The WOD on its own was tough but it would have been
survivable if it hadn’t been for the skipping. 
It was that damn skipping that almost killed me (and it would have if
@DefconRX hadn’t modified the original total of 40 singles for everyone.
Basically I would have spent 18 minutes skipping). When time ran out I had
managed to get 1 OHS in. I still don’t understand what my issue is… As soon as
there is a weight overhead, my hips WILL NOT open and close. 

1000m Row for time

Now you’ve all read how much I love rowing (crazy eh?), but
as soon as I made the first pull I was in trouble. My legs were absolutely
empty when I came out of the pull and I had a lot of trouble from that point
on. I still worked hard to keep my time under 4 minutes, but it was a struggle
(finished at 3m50s).  This Captain almost
sank on his rower tonight.

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