Greetings from the great white north (and by north I mean
Collingwood)! @Keilshammer, Jimbo, Dennis and I headed to Blue for some
snowboarding. It’s pretty crazy up here, it’s snowing like there’s no tomorrow.
Unbelievable conditions (Powder is deep) and great accommodations thanks to Mr.
Rick (Thanks Rick!). I had to work Monday morning so the plan was to board
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (and maybe Friday) and then visit a CrossFit box
in Collingwood on Monday night.

It was an adventure getting there (hey, Hammer these roads
sure are icy. Hammer: “most people slow down after they say that”), but once we
found it Scott was very nice.  CrossFit
Indestri is a little bit bigger than CrossFit Canuck and it was well equipped,
but I will still say that there’s no place like home.  The folks we met were very friendly, but
@Keilshammer and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Tonight’s WOD was a Hero, dedicated to
Victoria Soto (teacher from Newtown).

We started off with a Bear Complex (bare bar going through
all the movements up and over the body). It was really cool and something we
haven’t done before.  We then partnered
up and worked on our Hang Power Cleans. @Keilshammer and I worked our way up to
125lbs (he went higher but this is where I topped out) and Scott gave us some
really good pointers.

Then came the WOD…

Victoria (30 minute cap)
5 Rounds of
10 Thrusters (@75lbs)
14 Box Jumps (I did step-ups @24”)
12 SDHP (@75lbs)
12 Burpees (ugh)
27 Kettelbell Swings (@20kg)

This WOD was tough. 
OMG. The only one tougher that I can remember was the 12 Days of
Christmas.  The Hero WODs are unique
though, because every time you think about quitting, not giving your all you remember
who you honor by doing it and you work harder. I worked as hard as I could and
made it through 3 full rounds plus 10 Thrusters and 3 Box Jumps. No buy-ins or
cash-outs here, but don’t think I could’ve done them after this.

Scott was awesome and didn’t charge us for attending class,
but @Keilshammer and I bought T-Shirts. 
I’m trying to talk my body into going one more time, but we’ll see how
that goes.


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