Lost My First Fight

Now Mom, before you start calling me, I wasn’t in a ‘fight’.
Saturday’s WOD was called a Fight Gone Bad. Before we get there though let’s
start with some updates.  My back and
knee are both getting better (slowly) and I had an adjustment (L4 and L5 were
out of alignment), but we’ll have to see if it’s effective. In Wednesday’s post
you may have noticed my right thumb soaking in a bowl of ice water, it is not
100% yet.  You don’t realize how
important opposable digits are until you lose the use of it (4 finger tooth
brushing is awkward and don’t even try putting on socks).  I didn’t break anything, but it is mightily
sprained and I just regained the ability to start bending it.

I missed my FIRST ever CrossFit class (I didn’t no show, but
had to cancel) and I was extremely unhappy about it.  Thursday would have been impossible though
because I couldn’t move my thumb at all. 
Hopefully there won’t be any more unexpected diversions.

I got to the box early and stretched out my back and lats
(who knew those were tight) and then started the warm-up.

800m Row
1 minute Ring Rows (did not do)
1 minute Beat Swings (did not do)
1 minute Ring Dips (did not do)
1 minute Jump Squats

I didn’t complete a couple of the warm-ups because Tavia was
taping up my thumb to prevent anymore injury (Thanks Tav!).  Once I got back we went through the normal
stretches to get ready for some insanity (and a bit of FALSE ADVERTISING).

10 minute CAP
50 Burpees (the website clearly stated 30)
Then with the remainder of the time, find 3 Reb Max Unbroken
Hang Snatches

The Burpees really weren’t that bad, but I had a lot of
trouble finding a comfortable spot to push up from using my hand (yes, I can
hear you shedding tears).  I got through
them and managed to Hang Snatch 85lbs with good form.  I tried to go to 105lbs, but I couldn’t get
the bar to float up.

Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds, 1 minute each Station
Wall Ball (20lbs)
Sumo Deadlift High-pull (@75lbs)
Box Jump (24” Step Up)
Push Press (@75lbs)
Calorie Row

All the reps count and you add the total from each of the
stations together to get your final score. 
I managed 62 reps in Round 1, 58 reps in Round 2 and finished with 54
reps.  I then proceeded to spend the next
3 minutes lying flat on my back like I got knocked out by Mike Tyson. I was
absolutely spent.  It was really a good
day though because the ENTIRE #1030Crew performed the WOD at RX!  We finished with a Rope climb relay where the
team stays in plank while a person climbs the Rope.  Little note here, we lost the relay, but I performed
my pull-ups from the floor with no problem (even scared me how quick and easy
they were).

Now a lot of Peeps from my box are doing a Paleo Challenge
leading up to the Games, but sadly with Phat Boy Fiesta and Thrill coming up
there will be a bunch of drinking and marginal food choices coming up.  Tavia was kind enough though to do my body
fat readings (damn those calipers pinch) and germancatt here are the numbers
you were looking for.  I weighed in at
323lbs (after gaining 15lbs of muscle in 4 weeks, I’ve dropped 12lbs in the
last 10 days) with a body fat percentage of 32.3%.  Not where I want to be yet, but moving in the
right direction.



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  1. 15lbs of muscle is awesome as is losing the 12. its all how you feel, numbers are just numbers.
    but i was wondering,did the caveman prefer beer, wine or whiskey…just sayin.

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