Tweaked Back With Box Burpees

Now before you start sending me messages calling me names
for doing something crazy while nursing an injury, relax, it’s a two part
title.  Part one is my low back which
almost crippled me today.  I had trouble
getting out of bed and am pretty sure that the day wouldn’t have happened
without the 2 Aleve’s I had with my OJ. It’s nothing serious, but as near as I can
figure it happened during yesterday’s monster WOD (guessing it was the lunges,
but Tavia said they looked ok). The second part was CrossFit Canuck was hosting
the GTA League Ladies Night competition. CrossFit Athletes came in from all
over to do some really sweet looking WODs, including the surprise box Burpees
that had @SarahBassels using some colorful language.

Things did not start off well today and while I figured I would
be making it to the box, there was a little bit of doubt.  I managed to get off work early and Tavia
spent some time before class helping me try and stretch my back out (THANK
YOU). It still didn’t feel great, but I was there and dressed, so get after it.
The plan was to start off easy then ramp it up.

2 Rounds of
20 Skips
10 Squats
20 Skips
10 Pushups
20 Skips
10 V-ups (I did the 1st round as V-ups, 2nd
round as Ab-mat sit-ups)

We spent the next while working on finding our 2 Rep Max for
the Snatch Balance. Snatch Balance, OHS and any movement where I have to move
my hips with weights are driving me to drink (but I can’t because I’m eating
paleo-ish as per Tavia). I can squat and I can press weight over my head, but
as soon as I have to drop below the bar or squat with weight my hips lock up
tighter than the Tower of London. Not sure if it’s physical or mental, but
right now I can’t get it working. We moved on to a Front Squat ‘nightmare’
next, 1 squat every 20 seconds for 7 minutes. It was tough to find a
comfortable spot to rest the weight, but the squat wasn’t that bad.

2 minute Max Effort Ring Rows

8 minute AMRAP
7 OHS (@55lbs)
14 T2B (Knees to bar for me)
21 DUs (63 Single Skips for me)

2 minute Max Effort Ring Dips

My body was cooked after the WOD. I had gas in the tank, but
my back was limiting just about every movement. 
Finished 2 rounds plus 10 Knees to Bar. I’m taking tomorrow off and hoping I will be back to normal for
Saturday. Had to skip the GHD and the Rope tonight because of the Ladies Night,
but I still managed to work on shoulders, hips and back. 

We were in for a treat tonight because there was a League
night and we were going to see some crazy WODs. 
Tavia, Anne, Sarah and Mouse were representing CrossFit Canuck and they
were awesome.  In the picture you can see
Tavia on the left and Sarah at the top. It was really cool because the
competitors don’t know what activities they will be doing until right before
the event starts and even when they post it (Burpees) and sometimes they change
(into Box Jump Burpees).

Hopefully I’m mobile tomorrow,


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One Thought to “Tweaked Back With Box Burpees”

  1. I think I just found what did your back in…. From your previous post:

    "1 set of 20 reps at 65% of your max Back Squat. I got to throw a little bit of a curveball and try and up my 1 rep max instead. There are still issues with my flexibility, but I was working hard at trying to get below parallel (I got close). When it was all said and done, I added another 35lbs to my max, bringing it to 285lbs."

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