Body Fail

Well it can’t be all sunshine and roses in the Beez’s blog
world, but I will tell you that I am some kind of (kids, divert your eyes)
PISSED OFF.   I woke up this
morning and didn’t feel great.  My hips
were sore (side sleeper), but my back didn’t feel bad.  Why should it??  All I did was stay home last night and
stretch and roll out various body parts (back and quad). Feeling stiff I went
for a walk to get a coffee and about 5 minutes in, thing started to fall
apart.  Hips screaming, back on fire and
left Achilles (seriously? Achilles, why are you bitter), my body just went
absolutely crazy. I tweeted this morning about falling apart and was told to rest by @Wardy_ and @michdoyl24.

Now while I love the care that my friends showed when I tweeted,
what they have to realize is that I am in a constant battle with my body.  Whether I rest or not, until I am in a ‘better’
state of health, my body will attempt to sabotage me (it really likes the days
of delivery and watching TV for days at a time). Every time I have had success
on the path to better health some random component of my body (ankles, knees,
back, shoulder…) would fail and set me back to day 1. To be honest, I am sick
and tired of it.

I headed to the box early, stretched and rolled various
components (including my back) trying to get loose and in position to complete
FRAN. @Keilshammer came through with some MuscleCare for me and I started
getting into the WOD mindset. Today I would meet another one of the Ladies and I
was pretty excited.  It was a full house
today, so it would be team warm-up time. I started squats to get loose while
@CADPRO00 started the shuttle run.  Trouble
right away with the right quadriceps being stiff, but nothing major.  I start running and reach down for the first
cone… DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!! My back explodes. 
I tried to fight through the pain in the hopes that it would work itself
out, but by the second run I knew I wasn’t going to be participating today.

I’m pretty competitive and just like in football (if you can
touch it you can catch it), if you get to the box you can work out. Instead of
making things worse (see @Wardy_ and @michdoyl24 i listen), I stretched some more (and it hurt) and placed an
emergency call to Dr. Spin.  Hopefully he
can sort me out, because if not, Monday it will be Aleve and a WOD.



PS – Sorry about the language.



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