This Isn’t The Rope You’re Looking For…

Good morning HAMSTRINGS! Those may not have been the actual
words I screamed as I got out of bed (my language was much more colorful), but
you get the general idea.  It was a toss-up
between my tight hamstrings from yesterday’s good mornings (do you like how I worked
the name of the exercise into the curse… clever eh?) and the back.  It’s nothing but rainbows, unicorns and
sunshine here in Beez’s World. The day still has to get underway and CrossFit
still has to happen.

3 minute Shuttle Jog
2 Rounds of
10 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
10 Kettlebell Clean and Jerks (@25lbs – 5 reps each side)
10 Kettlebell SDHP (@25lbs)

First off, big thanks to Tavia for letting me do the Shuttle
Jog without bending down to touch each of the pylons (that’s what set my back
off on Saturday).  Today’s WOD was gonna
be a bruiser (especially after yesterday), but we went at it one step at a
time. Before we got there though, there was 7 minute cycle with 2 1/4 Front
Squats every 30 seconds at the plate. 2 and a 1/4 you say? That’s what we all
said, but it’s down into a Front Squat, up a quarter of the way and then back
down and up (that’s 1). Based on my max I was working at 105lbs, but about 2
minutes in Tavia was sure that my max was not my max.

4 minute Ladder of
Ring Row
Ring Dip

Ugh.  That’s a lot of
me to dip, but I grabbed a purple band once the first to waves went through and
got after it.  I managed to get through 5
full rounds plus 3 more Ring Rows.  It
was tough, but because of the number of people we got a bit of a break before
we headed into the actual WOD (thank goodness).

WOD – 15 minute cap AMRAP
Start with 1000m Row (only once)
15 Squat Clean Thrusters (@65lbs)
15 Sumo Deadlift Highpull (Yeah!! @65lbs)

I still don’t understand how I didn’t discover rowing before
now, but a hammered the 1000m in 3m40s. I don’t know if that’s fast, but it’s
17 seconds faster than when I started in November. All told I finished 2 full rounds
plus 3 Squat Clean Thrusters. 

I had some problems with the Squat Clean Thrusters and I don’t
understand why.  Psychologically I can’t
seem to drop under the bar as soon as there is weight.  PVC, no problem, but add anything and the
hips lock and the knees don’t flex. Well at least I know what I have to work

3 minutes ME Ring Pushups

I managed to do three full pushups (down and then back up),
but I also had another 7 where I got down to the bottom of the pushup and just
couldn’t get back. There was also a disconcerting noise from my left shoulder
that left me with tingly fingers.  I did
my stretching and since @Wardy_ RMT was going to have a go at my knee (at the above
tingly fingers), I skipped on my Rope homework… Tavia noticed. After almost
incurring a 20 Burpee penalty for saying can’t (quickly changed to shouldn’t), I
will endeavor to make them up Saturday.



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