The Good, The Bad and The Clumsy

You know I’m getting really tired being the ‘clumsy’ part.
Like REALLY tired. There’s some kind of genetic code passed down from Mom and
Pa C that enables me to find new and incredibly stupid ways to injure myself.
Just to cut down on the suspense, here’s the story. We are in the middle of
doing some touch and go Snatches and I start to lose the bar on the way to the
ground.  I’m working on one of the
platforms and don’t want the bar to bounce on the wood so I reach down to grab
it. My timing is off so as I’m going down, the bar is coming back up. I jam my
right thumb so hard it’s sprained (but hopefully not broken) and bend the crap
out of my left thumbnail just to even it out.

1200m Run (Outside)
2 Rounds of
30 Abmat Sit-ups (Supposed to be Atomic, but my back said
20 Squats
10 Pull-ups

Now as much as I complained about the run outside, it was
actually the one thing I did tonight that made me most proud. I ran the entire
distance without stopping and even sprinted (yes, you read that correctly) the
last 100m or so.  Funny story about that,
as I was coming clear of the build someone stepped off the sidewalk.  He almost died. I managed to dodge him and
finish safely.  Big thanks to
@Keilshammer for circling back and keeping me company on the final leg.

First up for the 530crew tonight was Front Squats at 80%,
85% and 90% of max.  Somehow by the time I
was done I was squatting my max.  I’m
still having a lot of trouble getting my elbows up to receive the bar so I was
working with arms crossed. My final weight was 125lbs for 3 reps. 

2 Snatches Every Minute on the Minute
@80% for 5 minutes

2 minute AMRAP Snatches @80%

During the first 5 minute session was where the thumb injury
occurred.  Tavia taped me up in between
the EMOM and the AMRAP, but I had a lot of issues with the bar.  I still managed to finish 11 reps, but it was

Games WOD 12.5 AMRAP 7 minutes
3 Thrusters (@75lbs, RX was 100lbs)
3 Chest to Bar (with a band)
6 Thrusters (@75lbs)
6 Chest to Bar (with a band)
9 Thrusters (@75lbs)
9 Chest to Bar (with a band)
4 Thrusters (@75lbs – ran out of time)

It was very difficult to get the bar into my hand (it was
resting right on the joint).  My numbers
were not as high as they might have been (basically I think I could have gotten
a few more Thrusters). I couldn’t do any Rope work, but I did my stretching and
hopefully after sticking this digit in an ice bath I will be good to go

Hot Mess (aka Beez)

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