Island in a Sea of Cheeseheads

Now you may look at that title and think to yourself WTF,
but it’s pretty easy to explain.  I am a
huge San Francisco 49ers fan and have been since 1984 when at the tender age of
8 I stayed up past my bedtime and watched Joe Montana teach Dan Marino (and his
Isotoners) how to be a QB. Through the years there’s been great and not so
awesome.  We are back in the awesome days
and Saturday the 49ers hosted the Green Bay Packers. Now there are a lot of
Packer fans at my workplace and there was some serious trash talking (and maybe
another bet) leading up to the game.  Well
as the clock read 0:00, the 49ers stood victorious and my 2nd year
QB had the single greatest rushing performance in the HISTORY of the NFL. Mr.
Kaepernick, it looks like you’ve converted @JessGrigg into a fan (…well maybe
not, but this die hard Packer fan is sporting a San Francisco jersey for the 2nd
time this season).
Fun and games aside let’s talk food again.  I continued the anti-Paleo swing on Saturday
by ordering in a pizza (I was craving and was totally gassed after the WOD).
Now before you think I totally pigged out, that pie lasted lunch, dinner and
another lunch, but after a week of clean eating my body went slightly
sideways.  I’m starting to think that a
clean diet may be the way to go for me.

800m Row
2 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Again it was a full house, but the 530crew came ready to
play. Our strength and conditioning today was Back Squats with sets of 5 reps
@60%, 65%, 70% and 75% of our max. I’ve been working really hard to try and get
my form right, but I’m still having trouble ‘popping’ my hips open and closed.  Finished the round at @135lbs, 165lbs, 185lbs
and 215lbs.

Compound Open Prep: Hang Power Cleans
10 minute AMRAP
25 Reps (@65lbs)
25 Reps (@85lbs)
25 Reps (@95lbs)
25 Reps (Didn’t Get Here)

Now I know the weights look low (actually they were low),
but there just not enough weights today. 
No big deal, I focused on trying to get good form. 

10 minute AMRAP
4 HSPU (I did them from the box)
8 Hang Squat Snatches (@75lbs RX)
48 Skips

I just managed to squeeze in the last skip as time expired.
I completed 4 full rounds. Not outstanding, but a good solid effort. With the
next class in I had to bail on the GHD machine and the shoulder stretches, but I
stretched my hips and did my rope work. I’ve got the hang part down, now it’s
just a matter of getting my footing and climbing.

2 ME Unbroken Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)

Got home and made some healthy meals for the next few days
and finally off to bed.  The goal is to
get some time on Spritz in the morning, but we’ll see how that goes.


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  1. weight to go bernzy!! Hang in there…

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