Looking Around The Corner

That’s right body, I see you peaking around the corner.  Trying to lay a trap for me.  Trying to fight me as I make changes to my
diet and my body composition. I am having none of it. After the fiasco that was
my back and knee issues on Saturday, I was very upset.  Not grab a teddy bear and go cry in the
corner upset, but walk up to you and punch you in the face upset. I tried to
take it easy this weekend (except for the accidental drunk and indulgence in an
abundance of cheese) and tried to stretch/roll out a couple of times.  This isn’t something I’m used to doing, but I
am working at being regular at it.

Now for those of you that were worried, the back was feeling
better, but the right knee/quad was causing me some concern.  If I wasn’t 100% sure that I hadn’t done
anything ‘silly’, I would be worried that I had some ligament issues. Once it
got warm though everything felt normal.

800m Row

Cindy (3 Rounds of)
5 Strict Pull-ups (I used the band for the first time… liked
10 Pushups
15 Squats

If the blood wasn’t pumping after that for an opening, then
there was something wrong with you. We did some stretching and then it was off
to do a series of Back Squats. 5 reps at 65%, 70%, 75% and 80% of our max Back
Squat weight (285lbs for me).  I didn’t
write down me weights but if you break out your calculator (if you really want
to know) you can work it out. I ended up going to 235lbs for my last reps and
completed 8 reps (Tavia was all over me for form and depth tonight. She says no
more being nice, I have the ability and it’s time to get serious).

2 minute ME Bar Burpees

21 Reps – 15 Reps – 9 Reps
Deadlifts (165lbs)
Hand Stand Pushups (from the box)

So I finished Diane in 6m34s and by the time I was done I was
cooked. The whole 530p Crew worked really hard and everybody got through the
WOD.  Stop the presses, we aren’t
finished yet. 

100 DU or 10 minutes of DU practice (I did practice and
linked 2 DU’s!!!!)

Now I tweeted today that I was going to attempt a HSPU (an
RX one). I got @CADPRO00 to help me flip up onto the wall and that’s where it
went horribly wrong. Have you ever seen a large man go head first into the
ground from the hand stand position?  No?
Well you missed out on quite the show. 
Now there was no serious damage done (I fall a lot) and I managed to
absorb most of it with my shoulder (and the side of my mellon).

Before I let you go there is some news regarding my
homework.  I couldn’t use the GHD machine
or the bands to stretch my shoulders, but the ROPE was free. Now I’m not a huge
fan, but the all-out hate is slowly dissipating. I managed to get 6 of my 10
hangs over 5 seconds!!!!  Soon it will be
time to work on the footwork.


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  1. would love to see some pics of you hanging from a rope as well as attempting a hand stand push up. and how about a weight update broseph?
    ps; your doing great!

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