I Remember This Hurt… Yup, I Like It!

Well after a week away with the boys it was back to reality
both work-wise and workout-wise. It was tough when the alarm went off and it
was really tough to get this big body moving. 
Of course the day got better when the radio came on and it was a snow
and freezing rain combo platter for the ride in (greeeeaaaattttt). I made it in
and survived the day and had a serious WOD to look forward to.

Side Note: when I got back from Collingwood, I went straight
to the grocery store (after visiting the Threshold Open to cheer on
@CrossFitCanuck, @SarahBassels and @DefconRX and stopping in Burlington for my
Sister’s baby shower).  Lots of veggies
and chicken were purchased, because after a week of not eating paleo, I realized
that it was the missing ingredient from my health plan.

250m Row (easy)
10 Pushups
250m Row (medium)
15 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs)
250m Row (hard)
20 Squats

Now it’s been a week since I’ve seen the inside of a box and
as nice as CrossFit Indestri was, it just wasn’t home (Anne, @zlreyes, @SarahBassels,
@DefconRX, @girmantitov, @CADPRO00, Katie, Tavia and Sue… I missed you guys
#530Crew). Still I felt pretty good after the warm-up and a tape job from Tavia
on my thumb (getting better, but still only 40% of my motion is back).  We worked on Front Squats in a series 2×5
@80%, 2×3 @85%, 2×2 @90% and 2×1 @95% of our max weight. 125lbs was my max
Front Squat, but I was feeling pretty strong so I ended up doing the complex
and going for some max lifts. I ended up doing lifts of 95lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs
and 155lbs.  I then went for some heavy
lifts with good form (Tavia, I was almost at parallel) and finished with a new
PR of 195lbs!

3 minute AMRAP
3 Pushups
5 Wallballs (20lbs)

I finished 6 rounds plus 2 wallballs in the 3 minutes, but
it was tough. Straight from the buy-in to an 18 minute WOD (I was a little bit

CrossFit Games Open 12.3
18 minute AMRAP
15 Box Jumps (24” step-ups)
12 Shoulder Presses (@95lbs)
9 Knees to Chest

When the clock read 0:00 I had finished 5 rounds plus 1
step-up. I was hoping to make it farther, but I was having some issues with my
right knee.  Nothing too big, but Dr.
Spin will get a look at it tomorrow along with my thumb and my hips (oh and my

3 minute AMRAP
3 Candlesticks (these are incredible for working your core)
5 Ab Mat Sit-ups

After the standard class was done @CADPRO00 and I hit the
GHD machine for 2×20 Back Extensions. No shoulder stretches because the next
class needed the racks, but the Rope was calling my name.  Now I still have the jammed thumb (which is
mending… SLOWLY), but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I managed 4 hangs on
5 attempts over 1.5 feet off the ground! Not impressed? 10 weeks ago I couldn’t
even pull myself to a standing position.

It’s good to be home and we even got to be a part of something
really cool… @zlreyes nailed 3 muscleups today!!!




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