We Have a New #1

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen; we have a new number one!
Tavia, it’s not the kind you’re thinking of though.  This is the ROPE. Please pay close attention
because the ROPE has gone straight to the head of the class as my number one ‘Most
Hated’ activity.

It is offensive to my entire world view. I don’t like
failing at anything. So in addition to everything else (half-marathon, two
duathlons and the Ride for Heart), before October I WILL climb the ROPE.
That’s me struggling with the ROPE

So after Monday and my first visit with the Chief, I have
been pretty sore.  Now not broken down
sore, but there was a point where my body forgot how to walk.  It must have been pretty comical to watch as I
waddled away.  So I will start working on
short rest (Wednesday and Thursdays) so I need to get used to working out
harder. We had to do pushups as part of the warm-up and I thought for sure that
I was going to not come back up. It was tough sledding and my shoulder was
unhappy but I got loose and we got started.

5 Minute Ladder (increase after every round 1 rep to end)
Push Up
Pull Up
Goblet Squat
Burpee (which was just mean to throw on the end there)

Once we were done warming up and stretching it was off to
the back squat.  We were going for 1 set
of 20 reps and we loaded up the bar beyond my posted max (yay!!). 115lbs for 20
reps and I even managed to keep decent form. 
Not bad, but entirely due to the wall squat homework I have been doing
(when you think about it, I have to be the only person doing CrossFit who gets
assigned homework).  Then we started the
WOD and I will be honest, the ROPE part… Not so fun.

1000m Row (Buy in, 200m HE and 50m Recovery)

5 Rounds for time
3 Rope Climbs (9 if doing modified – I was modified)
18 Wall Ball (10lb ball)
3 minutes Max Effort Burpees (Cashout – OK, that’s just not

This was hard. Upper body strength is not my strong suit
(yet) and I had a lot of trouble with the ROPE. 
You want me to press 400lbs with my legs, no problem.  The ROPE is a whole differenet animal. I had to really get my legs into it, got my hands chewed up and
completed 6,5,3,2 and 2 for the rounds. 
I just didn’t have anything left. 

I’m skipping Thursday’s class due to a previous engagement,
but starting next week I will be going to 3 a week.  I’m also going to convert my membership to a
year (I’m only on a 3 month term right now). 
I can’t remember ever working this hard at GoodLife or having the sense
of accomplishment (when you finish a WOD). 
I’m officially hooked.

Congratulations to Tavia and Sue Ann on their Grand Opening
this weekend! Not sure I ever would have tried CrossFit if you guys hadn’t
opened CrossFit Canuck.  Thank You!


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  1. You missed adding the Tough Mudder to the list…let's do it together!Rope climb by October? Totally achieveable! Every step you take on this journey….I will be by your side! Once a Canuck always a Canuck! Welcome to the family brother! Let us grow strong together!!

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