CrossFit Kick Ass

So I’m making a writing change to the blog, I will still be
my same charming and hopefully witty self, but I will be condensing my
posts.  No more posts about just walking
or getting groceries, but I will still post about all workouts and hardcore activities.
I will still log them on
so you will still see my progress and feel free to add me as a friend.  That said after a weekend of a lot of walking
(12KM+), I wasn’t up for a whole lot on Monday. 
Especially because some folks from work (including @JessGrigg and
@CADPRO00) tried out CrossFit at CrossFit Canuck ( on Tuesday
(thanks Erin!!).
Tavia (our instructor) walked us through the basics moves before
taking us through the Workout of the Day (WOD… Which I am officially renaming
the Workout of Death). Even getting the basics move down was pretty intense,
but it was actually really fun.  I had to
modify the box jump into a step up (mostly because I wasn’t 100% sure the box
was Phat Boy Approved, but also because I didn’t want to stress my ankles too
much.  Odd decision because I ended up
jumping off the box, but thems the breaks). 
We warmed up, stretched and then got our training.  The first 30 minutes were solid.

Then the HURT started.

We started the WOD that Tavia had created for us (a little
above a generic bootcamp WOD so that we would be challenged).  CHALLENGED!?!?! Holy crap, I haven’t worked
that hard in that short a period of time EVER. 
It was AMAZING.  Now granted, I didn’t
complete the Burpees at the end, @CADPRO00 and I were struggling, but we
managed another couple of reps before we tapped out at 14m27s.  It was crazy intense and an amazing workout.
We slowed our heart rates down and did some stretches.  By the time we finished I was spent.  What a great experience. 

I’m seriously thinking about cancelling my GoodLife
membership (which I’ve been thinking about for a while) and look into
CrossFit.  It’s hard, but I think that it
could be really worthwhile (only if my body can keep up).


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  1. dude just watched the crossfit video – get out fast while your still alive!! everyone looked like a very high level athlete all around 20 something…if you can keep up with this pace you'll be an animal – and i'll be your biggest fan. best of luck broseph.

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