CrossFit Hangover & Run Training

What do my Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads and Calves all have in
common? C’mon, guess…  No idea?  Well if you said “THEY ALL HATE YOU”!  Ding, Ding, Ding, ten points for you.  If you are a regular follower then you have a
good idea that my body and I don’t get along on a day to day basis.  It would prefer laying on the couch, hovering
an extra-large bag of Zesty Nacho Doritos, while I would very much like to be
healthier.  I completed my first CrossFit
class on Tuesday and am a big fan.  I
haven’t hurt like this in a long time (good hurt, not get me to a Doctor hurt).  I like it so much I cancelled my GoodLife
membership (which I had been contemplating for a while) and will becoming a
member @CrossFitCanuck.

This morning though, fighting through the pain was big on
the list.  Yesterday my body was still
too sore to try anything so today I knew I had to workout in the morning
(tonight will be cramming for my exam retake first thing). Alarm and radio went
off and I contemplated staying in bed, then I sucked it up and headed
downstairs.  Now my legs were still a bit
squishy from Tuesday so I warmed up a little extra and a slow pace. 
Today’s 44m50s session on the treadmill included 10K
Training Session #9 (30 minutes in length). 
Oi, it was tough.  15 minutes of
total running (at 6.6MPH) with a couple of 3minute max runs.  Heck, I even got the Rising Star Badge from
the running app. I checked my heart rate after the last max effort run and it
was in the neighborhood of 178BPM. My average pace worked out to 8:39 min/KM
and I ran 4:48 min/KM best pace (WOOHOO Sub Five Minute!).  My run cadence is still holding steady at 64
SPM (avg) and a max of 84 SPM. I’m still shooting for 100 SPM, but I have no
idea how I’m going to get there yet.  Now
the treadmill says I burned 700+ calories but the good old Garmin 305 says
639.  639 will be the total for today

Wish me luck tomorrow…


-and wish me luck today as I try and choke down this
Metabolic Mix (protein and liver support). What a terrible taste.  It’s awful in OJ, but that’s a big step up
from VILE when mixed in a smoothie.

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