Well its official! I have joined CrossFit Canuck! Now I kind
of balked at the last second and instead of committing for the year, I only
signed up for three months (but they told me I can upgrade at any point before
the special pricing ends). Big news of the day though (besides @Keilshammer
Nike’s having some issues) was yes @Keilshammer was attending his first class
and @CADPRO00 and I stuck to our guns and showed up. Little bit of a change up
from our last class today as our timeslot was working on CrossFit Total
(Strength and Conditioning cycle).


We were a little nervous coming into this session because it
was going to be different.  The ‘Buy In’
was a rope climb.  ROPE CLIMB? For crying
out loud, I’m 300+ pounds, I’m not sure that this building can handle me
climbing the rope (and let’s be honest I’m not ready to climb, my upper body
isn’t designed for it…Yet). It didn’t end there either.  The warm-up was serious business.

500m Row

2x Rounds of:

5x Pushups
10x Situps                                         
15x Squats

The row really got the blood pumping (and I’m thinking I may
have been a rower in aprevious life). 
Tavia is all over me on technique and form… LOVE IT. I find that as I get
tired, I get sloppy and my form slips which will lead to injury.  She is keeping me focused and zoned in to
make sure that I’m working out correctly (when I was working out with my best
trainer, she really focused on my form). 
We went through some techniques and some reps and then it was off to get
the 45lb Olympic Bars.

Todays ‘WOD’ was all about finding our baselines for the back
squat, shoulder press and deadlift.  Now
two of these three are activities I’ve never done and the shoulder press I’ve
always used the machine.  It’s totally
different with no rails.  What we did
discover is that I might be the only person on the planet with NEGATIVE
flexibility. My shoulders aren’t allowing me to control the bar on the back
squat in the ‘low bar’ position, so Tavia had me working on more reps instead
of finding my max weight. Form, form, form. We worked down from five reps to
three and then to max weight.

1RM Back Squat – 105lbs (3 reps no max weight)
1RM Shoulder Press – 95lbs
1RM Deadlift – 175lbs
1000m Row to ‘Cash Out’

Now granted my maxes weren’t great, but they do give me an
idea of where I am (I’m not flexible, that where I am) and give me a goal to
shoot for.  I felt pretty good on the
cash out considering that @Keilshammer only beat me by three seconds (i finished in 3m58s) and he’s in
super triathlete shape.  Thursday should
be interesting as it’s back to the standard format.


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One Thought to “Baselines…”

  1. Anonymous

    Watch your form on the rowing maching (or erg)! Stay focused on it or you'll hurt something for sure! Its an awesome workout, I have one at home and love it (when I don't have stupid carpal tunnel from being pregnant…). Its 80% legs and you see results quickly with it find. Your endurance increases quickly, but you definitely feel like you're going to pass out sometimes!
    Have fun at Cross Fit, I'm too chicken to try it 🙂

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