Let’s Discuss

When the alarm went off this morning, there was exactly ZERO
chance that I was getting out of bed or doing anything that resembled working
out.  My body has been very slow coming
back from any workouts since I’ve been back to the gym.  Now that is very understandable considering I
haven’t been in the gym for about a month (not counting the first day(s) back
last week), but still not ‘ideal’.  I
swore that I would work out when I got back from my meeting with Laura from Dr.
Spin’s office.

The meeting was at Yonge and St. Clair… Here’s where the
discussion comes in…

If you are at the bottom of a hill, it will be tough
slugging if you decide to walk home (to Sheppard). In my mind it was going to
be a moderate 7km walk with a big hill at the end. If I walked, I wouldn’t have
to spin, swim or do anything else. Someone needed to discuss with me that there
wasn’t just the big hill at the end, but that Toronto starts off ‘low’ at Lake
Ontario and is uphill the farther you go north.
I seem to have forgotten that.

iPod on, head down, good pace, get going.  It was a nice night in Toronto so off I went
for the next 1h23m, walking north. When it was all said and done, I had covered
9.4km and had a respectable 8:50 min/km pace. 
Now I know that I’m nowhere near marathon speed or distance, but it is
nice to know that I can cover some distance (and not bail by hopping on the
TTC) at a reasonable pace.  As a
baseline, with no running I now know that I need to shave 2:50 min/km off this

Hopefully we’ll be spinning tomorrow morning,


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3 Thoughts to “Let’s Discuss”

  1. Good Job Beez! That's a tough hike!!

  2. I really like you art skills too!! LOL

  3. Haha! Best picture ever! I'm planning a run tomorrow morning. This will be the first run since September! I've got a 1/2 marathon to prep for!

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