High Speed

Well it looks like sometimes rest really is the best medicine. Now only if rest helped you shed weight and obtain the abs that Brad Pitt had in Fight Club. Sadly, only hard work (boo) will make either of those two items happen. I spent the weekend resting the slightly strained left calf and trying my best (and mostly succeeding) to not stuff every piece of food within reach into my face. As I’ve said, it was a busy weekend with the visiting 13th floor ladies (pictured below) in for dinner on Friday and a night out with @anrankin, @Wardy_ and @Keilshammer.

Fun times all around, but dangerous if you aren’t mindful of your caloric and alcoholic intake (and just for kicks, I actually was). Now I slept in Monday with the intention of working out when I got home and before hosting MNF (Monday Night Football for the newbies), but sadly I came home, sat down and didn’t move. Monday officially became my off day this week.

When the alarm started screaming this morning, I was not at all thrilled about it. I sucked it up though and got my but moving and out the door, headed to GoodLife. As a side note, it is unbelievable how nobody can drive when it’s raining. Its WATER people, point your car straight ahead, don’t ride the breaks and drive like you have somewhere to be. Sorry, this concludes today’s rant.

Once I hit the floor I started feeling pretty good and ended up having a really outstanding session on the treadmill. I forgot to mention that last week I picked up a sport drink powder called BioSteel (created by Resurrection C.S.S. graduate Matt Nichol for all you Kitchener people) and have been using it instead of water. I was a bit skeptical of the benefits when @Keilshammer started using it and recommended it, but I have to say I have felt REALLY good during every workout I’ve used it for.

Treadmill – 40 minutes, 3.07miles, 646 calories
Rear Delt – 4×20 @85lbs
MTS High Row – 3×20 @35lbs
Shoulder Press – 3×15 @30lbs
Seated Row – 1×15 @100lbs, 1×9 @100lbs (wasn’t feeling it)
MTS Row – 3×15 @30lbs
Recumbent Bike – 25 minutes, 7.11 miles, 245 calories

I wasn’t wearing a heart rate monitor, but I felt really good and strong. I had some extended running intervals during the 40 minutes, including my longest EVER distance/speed run (over three minutes and near max continuous pace). The full time running doesn’t sound like much, but remember I’m over 300lbs and have only been really running for a couple of months. As I keep extending my time I keep feeling more and more confident that I can keep the pace up over a fair distance. Good thing too, we’re shooting for a two hour half marathon…


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