Braaaiiiinnnnssss… Wait, No I Mean Slllleeeeeeppp

Well thanks to a combination of working out again and the
San Francisco 49ers deciding to play with their food (Seattle Seahawks), I was
up well past my bedtime.  Now ordinarily
it would have been a morning where after you sleep through the radio and barely
hear the alarm, I would have rolled over and said “See you at 7:15a”. Not so (I
told you I’m motivated), I shook myself loose from my nice warm bed and
stumbled around the condo looking for the equipment (and shorts) that would
make a 10K Training session a success. Unfortunately it took a bit longer than
usual because as the title says, I was a bit Zombie-fied (just to be clear, I am
NOT a Zombie as I display no brain eating tendencies).

I headed down to the condo gym, flipped on the TV for
Headline Sports and started warming up. 
No my body was pretty stiff (understandably since it is week 1 and I have
done more this week than the last 6 weeks combined), so I took it easy to try
and loosen up.  Not sure if I mentioned
this, but I have stopped using my normal incline of 3.5 and started setting it
at 0.5. Not sure if this was leading to my overall ankle issues, but I’ve found
that my wheels squeak a lot less during and after a session.  I was shooting for about 40 minutes total for
today and in that would be the 26 minute 10K session.

Started off with a 5 minute walk at 4.1 MPH and then started
the session (and on a side note, Bruce Springsteen’s – ‘Born to Run’ is a GREAT
song to get a running session started) which also includes a 5 minute walking warm-up.  Then it was time to get serious. My run speed
was 6.5 MPH and today’s program included the longest running periods that I’ve
done yet at 2 and a half minutes at a time. 
No before you shake your head and scoff (always wanted to use that
word), remember that I’m still carrying over 300lbs along on this ride
(granted, it’s still waaaayyy less than I use to have to carry around) and I’m not
running the Half-Marathon tomorrow.

Baby Steps.

Now for the ‘geeky’ numbers. 
My max run cadence seems to be holding steady in the low 80’s and from
what I’ve read I need to up it about another 40.  I’m ‘supposed’ to be in the area of 100-120
foot strikes per minute.  I averaged
about 8:47 min/km (sorry for the Metric to Imperial shuffle, but my Garmin is
in KM and the treadmill in Miles) and I covered 4.51KM according to the
footpod.  My best pace was 4:47 min/km,
but at this point I don’t think I could sustain that pace for more than 5
minutes.  The goal I’m looking for (by
summer) is to average between 5-6 min/km for at least an hour.  I burned 548 calories (treadmill said 600).

I did experience some tightness in my left Achilles, nothing
serious, but I’m going to take the weekend off and come back at it Monday.

Have a great weekend,


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