Where’d Whoooooo Goooooooo????

Those were the famous words that Wolfman asks Hollywood in
Top Gun.  They pretty much sum up the
month of September for me and my workout schedule.  Now I know you guys have been missing me
(well, I hope you’ve been missing me), but there have been a bunch of reasons
why I’ve been MIA.  First of all (and you’ve
heard me talk about this before), my back has been an absolute disaster for the
last two weeks and second my body has not been able to catch up on sleep at

Now this post is for some running and throwing that I did
while visiting Denis and Lisa this weekend in Brantford.  Now as luck would have it, the BFL (Brantford
Football League) doesn’t start till next week (isn’t that just the way), but
given that I was here I packed Denis in the car and we headed out for some
footy.  A little bit of light jogging and
throwing (or wobbling in my case) the football around the park was a great way
to spend the morning. Now I’m going to blame the ball, because most of my throws
were effing BRUTAL.  If you had been
watching the session you would have thought I had never seen a football before.

There were some takeaways from the running around and for
the most part they are not good.  It
seems that after a summer of not playing softball and feeling GREAT, there were
a couple of points where I was running and I could feel my ankle ‘lock’ on the
uneven field.  Now I didn’t do any
damage, but I have to think that the number of games I end up playing this year
will be close to 0.  Not great news, but
if that’s what it takes for me to stay healthy then that’s what it is.

The fallout of my playing this weekend was a week of pain in
not only my back but also my right shoulder (greeeaaaatttt something new).  I visited Dr. Spin and one of his RMTs Laura on
Tuesday and they had at me for almost two hours.  I feel better today, but I still wasn’t good
enough to give it a go this morning.  Now
considering I’m headed to Iowa for homecoming and Minnesota vs. Iowa, I am going
to try and run Thursday morning. 
Hopefully I will talk to you then.


PS – As any football fan knows, it is tough times in the NFL
with the replacement officials these days. 
I wanted to close out this football themed article to try and pick up
the spirits of a friend of mine.  She was
a Packers fan, but after their week one loss to my 49ers and their last second
loss to Seattle, she has decided to cheer for a winner.

Doesn’t She look good in a 49ers jersey?  I think so!

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