Get Up, Stand Up

So it’s been a couple more days and my back is still not
awesome.  Normally that wouldn’t be a
problem, I would roll over and go back to bed. However I am really focused on
this last 50lbs so back, you are now an issue. Motivation, you are also a bit
on the low side, but you are easily rectified if I can find the right
push.  Last night I got a push, right
after I finished the sweet potato fries at Boston Pizza.  Here’s how the push went…
I got a call from Katherine and Chris to meet them for the
first half of the Monday nighter (I had Atlanta and changed my pick at the last
minute… Crap) at BP. As we watched Peyton Manning stink up the Georgia Dome, we
discussed gym memberships, getting healthy and finding the strength to make the
hard decisions about life changes. It was a very interesting conversation and
we came to one very important point:

“You have to make the gym or any major change a habit” (when
the discussion turned to getting up early and going to the gym).

As my alarm went off this morning I was really ready to roll
over and go back to bed.  That’s when I heard
Bob Marley.  Now I didn’t really hear
Bob, just a combo platter of “Get Up, Stand Up” and the BP discussion  about making it habit. Now my back has been
causing me grief, but that is no excuse for me not getting on the bike, going
to the gym or dropping the last bit of weight.

I headed down to the condo gym and boy it was crowded
today.  I’ve never seen it so packed and
the treadmill I got was busted.  I hopped
off and decided that today would be an elliptical kind of day.  35 minutes later and I had worked up a good
sweat burning 525.4 calories and 5,204 strides. 
Not one of my best workouts, but I got up and I went to the gym, that’s
got to count for something.

Now I just have to string a few together.


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  1. Anonymous

    The 4 hour body by Tim Ferris has a really good section on back pain.. I use some of the techniques as needed and it helps like crazy.

    -Ben p.

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