Twas a Busy Weekend

There has been a lot to talk about as we roll into the end
of July.  Now, I’m not trying to rub in
the fact that I just spent a four day long weekend in Muskoka or that I will be
headed right back for another one this weekend. It’s just that for the last few
weeks (especially since I started adding mid-week commuting rides and
facebooking my blog updates) I have been a very motivated person.  Receiving encouragement really does help get
you moving in the morning and hopefully hearing about this ‘process’ is giving
people something in return.
Now we didn’t hit the 100KM mark which was the goal for the
weekend, but with Monday’s ride, the Saturday Barrens ride and the treadmill
session I hit 80KM. Not bad for someone who would have spent his time in
cottage country eating and drinking everything in sight not too long ago.  Now it’s about getting out on the road and hammering
the pedals.
As the weekend rolled to an end, @anrankin and @Keilshammer
joined me for a last ‘easy’ paced ride. 
My legs were still feeling a little bit gooey from the ride and run on
Saturday and Sunday so the pace was a light one and the distance was just over
20KM. It was @anrankin’s first time on a road bike and I’m pretty sure that she
is sold.  It’s such a difference from
riding a mountain bike. We finished the ride in just under one hour (58m35s to
be exact).
The Barrens is definitely turning out to be one of my
favorite rides and the front half of it is a great route just to get out in
nature (and I think it will be awesome in the fall once the leaves start
turning). Even at the ‘light’ pace, I burned 1,284 calories and had an average
heart rate of 117BPM maxing out at 147BPM. 
Even though our average speed was down to 21.3KM/H (down from the
27+KM/H average we had on Saturday), it was still nice just to get out.
I’m going to take Tuesday as a rest day and then get back in
the swing Wednesday and Thursday with commutes. 
Friday is back to the running program for day three and then it’s back
north for some more riding.

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