An Alien Abduction

Now I know you are reading the title and thinking to
yourself WTF, but I’m not even kidding here. 
I have a fifteen minute chunk of time that is missing.  Ok, maybe it’s not missing in ‘real life’ but
it certainly wasn’t present when I uploaded my commuting data on my Garmin.  I’m not sure how to explain it other than an
abduction, or maybe a wormhole in the space time continuum. It certainly couldn’t
be something as simple as bumping the start/stop button when I stopped to make
sure that my bag was closed. Nope, alien abduction (minus any type of probing
for you sickos out there).

There are a couple of points I need to bring up though, with
the first being that like it or not, summer is on its way out the door.  Fall is here (thank goodness). It was dark
when I woke up and still not quite daylight when I set off on the bike.  Two, my ankle is not right, I can feel it and
as a result I have an emergency appointment with Dr. Spin tomorrow to have it
examined and hopefully fixed. Finally, it was some kind of frigid this morning
when I set off.  Wow. I was pretty much
frozen to my bike when I got about a block into it.

Now I haven’t ridden since the first week of August and
clearly there has been a major storm that has rolled through the park I bike
through.  Lots of huge trees have been
knocked down and there was debris everywhere. Considering I haven’t made this
ride in a while it added some interesting challenges.  I felt really good though and I was powering
through the landscape.  Only issue today
besides the ankle(s) was some some minor creaking from my right cleat and some
major magnet trouble on my rear wheel (magnet is for my bike computer).  Not sure when that started, but it is
disconcerting with Wasaga coming up.

My time today was average and thanks to the ‘missing time’
section of my ride (which was the fastest I have ridden that section too), I don’t
have accurate numbers. I burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 calories
and averaged 146BPM maxing out at 175BPM. The route was the standard 31.96KM.

I’m headed to Muskoka for some riding this weekend and then
the final week of prep before the race.


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One Thought to “An Alien Abduction”

  1. dude have you called Ken Phu yet? I went through so many massages (very deep and painful), chiro's, ART treatments you name it i tried it. the only person that was really able to help me – and not just work and fix a specific pain – was Ken, biomechanics specialist. he'll start from your base, figure out your weak points and then fix you using MAT technique.

    (odds are you were definately probed…)

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